MyTravaly's Hotelier Interview Series-Hotel The Raso,Ranchi Jharkhand

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Mr. Chandra Bhanu, the front office manager responsible for all the operations related to the front office, reservations,tie-ups, etc talks about the specialties of Hotel 'The Raso' located in the heart of city Ranchi near Birsa Chowk. They maintained with facilities of a 3 star, has own multi-cuisine restaurant, multi stock bar, In house monsoon salon, Jacuzzi steam bar, sona bar, fitness center, 39 number of rooms with the features displayed on along with quality hospitality services and hygiene.

  • As a Front office manager, what is your motivation to be in the hospitality industry?

My sole motivation behind being in the hospitality industry is in providing an impressive service to the guests,  creating a special, memorable experience on their stay at an unknown place motivates me to even get better with time at my job as I feel the experience of the customer is the base of this tourism industry and the creators of the experience are a vital part of it. Being responsible for the front office operations, implementing policies and procedure, checking the availability of rooms, preparing reservation chart, help out my staff, taking a bulk booking, looking into reservations and booking, corporate tie-ups my role is important is also one of the motivation for me sustaining in this role.

  • How do you train your staff to adapt to the new normal?

Being a vital part of tourism industry i.e handling peoples stay at a place, adapting to the new normal is of utmost importance to us, therefore we take a regular meeting of my staffs to make sure of every measure carried out and standards are looked into and followed accordingly. I personally dictate to them each and every detail related to the food hygiene which isn't to be missed out on, impart to them every special instruction that is to be taken care of regarding the bill the standards and category of food to be maintained and served, special requests. I also Schedule regular meetings with staff to access the instructions being carried or concerns being addressed not only related to hygiene and safety but every thing. Also, we strictly make sure that the room available for check-in is vacant for 24 hours since the last check-out to maintain the safety standards, the room is sanitised as many times the customer asks for before their own eyes for their satisfaction, we are strictly ordered to do not make any compromises in hygiene and safety standards.

  • How far does your hotel go in providing a memorable experience, describe with an example? 

We'd like to tell you that we have a fine open-air dining space known as 'The Sky fall'. We are the only hotel to have this special sky fall facility in Ranchi. The space is divided into two part the one is for regular parties, functions, get together the other one is the open air 'Bar'. Also we have a chain group salon i.e Monsoon Salon with trained professionals, Multi-Cuisine food as well as fitness centres, we arrange for every kind of parties and deliver a personalized experience, also we go extra mile to provide everything under our roof like we even arrange for 'Pandits' for traditional rituals on family get togethers, functions and marriage ceremonies, childcare, doctor on call, business centres etc to deliver a complete service. 

  • Is covid19 a curse or a blessing , give reasons for the one you believe in?

I won't be able to choose one from the given choices as I've seen both the aspects of the pandemic very closely. We see that the damages occurred in terms of economy, job losses, revenues, the high prices of the basic amenities, some irreversible changes in the system and lifestyle which are inconvenient for many.

Similarly Covid taught us many invaluable lessons about life, money, invitability, uncertainty, ability to cope and also many things which was difficult to learn without experiencing this pandemic.

  • Do you face any kind of pressure from any department or partner after covid19?

Yes, our partnerships have been effected and hampered a lot, our corporate tie-ups have also been affected due to this pandemic, and sustaing the property, Buisness and revenue is getting difficult with time. A little bit check upon maintaining hygiene standards though not much.

  • The damages or challenges faced during the period of covid19?

Definitely we are facing challenges managing the Buisness, property, revenues due to Transportation not fully started, lack of leisure tourists, companies work from home policy, increased maintainance costs due to the government guideline and improved hygiene standards, lack of foreign tourists and the things are ultimately affecting our business and moreover upon that due to the low occupancy the customers demand heavy discounts which even adds to the miserable situation of the hotel industry with the cost price increased due to the various must do checklists in an accomodation which cannot be compromised upon as it's the matter of health and issues. Number of staffs are less due to cost cutting to help the business sustain affecting per persons work load.The amount of discounts people are asking isn't sufficient.   

  • Any kind of pressure from the side of government regarding anything or any relief in relaxation regarding tax or other?

Earlier we heard about government providing relaxation upon electricity from sources like newspaper and such but it isn't true, we are absolutely not facing any relaxation on any aspects be it electricity bills or taxes, not from state or central government, but moreover we're facing difficulty paying the tax due to the scarcity of revenue as we are running a lavish property which needs handsome mantainence   also, we provide bills with GST to our guests which is to be maintained inside out and there are no relaxation in any kind of bills be it GST or electricity so the businesses are in pathetic condition today. The state government even did not give permission to organize any parties, functions likewise we are bound to the limited resources and revenue.  

  • How are you planning to revive or regain the faith of your customers after covid19 outbreak?

To overcome the concerns of the customers we sanitize the rooms as many times as enough for their satisfaction, do not compromise upon the safety standards and the instructions for the sake of humankind we cannot compromise upon hygiene in food/ accommodation or anything such in this way we are trying to revive the faith in our customers.

After knowing all the inside out of hotel Raso we're sure you'd want to visit our magnificent ambience at Ranchi in guaranteed lowest price  accessible from this link  book now !!

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