MyTravaly's Hotelier Interview Series-Hotel Vidhata Palace, Bihar

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MyTravaly's Hotelier Interview Series-Hotel Vidhata Palace, Bihar

Hotel Vidhata Palace boasts 18000sq ft along with six banquet halls with suite rooms, deluxe, double basic and some other types as well. Rajgir, Nalanda and Bodhgaya all within 20 km proximity and also closer to railway station and therefore convenient to visit from this hotel, Mr. Sumit the owner of Vidhata Palace talks about their contribution towards society as well as hospitality industry and the challenges associated with management of a medium sized property.

As an owner  what are your day-to-day work and responsibilities?

I am basically responsible for the hotel's online and offline marketing for the increased visibility, branding and make sure that my hotel is listed on all online platforms, I also deal with hotels finances including the transactions, budget for required inventories, recruitment of staffs their performance analysis, enhancement required for interior and exterior, arrangement of banquets.

How does training of staff happen, and what do you do to bring the best in your employees so that they provide good customers service? 

I teach them how to treat customers and provide good personalized service, focusing more on body language and other gestures for that being an important part of hospitality, thoroughly look into the needs of customers and tactfully deal with the availability and all, tell them to remain perfectly available 24 hours and also personally see if the needs are attended well according to requirements. 

How does your hotel encourage trust and loyalty amongst customers? 

Apart from the leisure tourists, the customer's who are here on some purpose we try our best to assist them to get their appointment at their respective requirements, arrange for convenient commute to the places to be visited, we assist them as much as we can upon other things as well to build a loyal customer base and increase loyalty and so that they re-visit.

Tell us something about your long term goals for the hotel and how do you plan to achieve them?

We have a plan of a hotel chain to set up across the country, currently we are planning to set up a hotel in Ranchi and kolkata and for now we are slowly converting maximum rooms into suite rooms with red carpet and all such upgradations, try to update the facilities close to the famous brands across nations and deliver the similar comfort and services.

What is success for a hotelier, according to you?

Providing a good customer service, the customer checks out satisfied and that we are also financially capable of providing to the weaker and unprivileged sections of society through the service provided.

 Something that is unique to your hotel and has given you any kind of advantage in this industry overtime?

It's we provide 50% discounts for the handicapped and also free education for the needy or unprivileged and make request to the government for that by myself and also personally I can provide such funding and donate for various charity and needy and also try to raise funds for the same.

How does the quality of leadership effect the role of a person at your position?

I can say for my position that for good guidance I have provided every department their respective manager to look after the needs more critically and likewise analyse their shortcomings and perform and I ensure that nobody gets involved into each other's duties and responsibilities. Also I assign them feasible amount of tasks so that they're productive enough and get more clear idea of the status of their works for which they've been appointed. I also keep close monitoring on every department and things. 

Can you share a positive and negative overwhelming experience with your customers?

When I come across my customers I generally try to provide them incentives like gifts like tshirt or chocolate. I come in contact with people who are well off with marketing and I get to learn from them about marketing my buisness and bad experience as people take the necessities away provided to them like pillows, slippers and such stuff which creates trouble for us and so I'd urge visitors to stop practicing such indecencies  as  we also have a budget to abide by.   

What would be your message to travellers for rescuing the hospitality industry?

We are trying our best to provide you an experience of  home away from home with all possible services and requirements of high level and request all the readers to visit vidhata palace for once if by any chance they happen to visit Nawada or nearby in Bihar.

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