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Travel memories are one of the most guided treasures of human life and also often act as a therapy to most of the tough days. Not only letting you disconnect from the monotonous routine and helping explore different cultures but also expanding your network and letting you create some lasting lifetime memories no matter how big or small the trip may be. Also, the most positive and cherishable memories are often associated with our travel experiences- as we are free from daily stresses of life and therefore the impact of new and exceptional experiences are deep and retain a lot of details which creates a strong memory, as they are different from the usual day to day experience.
These memories are important to us because we are impacted by what we remember about our life in which our holiday and travel experiences teach us about the various perspectives of life events and consequently affect a vital part of who we are.

The diverse experience that traveling gives us- the variety of food, the details of sight and smell, the tales of laughter, the learning experiences, and all the worthwhile things of the journey. The greatest advice upon the memories created through traveling is to keep a detailed record of the experiences through any means which they find convenient. The sole reason being that these timeless beautiful memories eventually fade giving you the regret of a lifetime.     

Imparting your expectations, imaginations, and finances truly to your trip don't you think it should be saved and dearly savored?

So that you could remember the maximum aspects of the trip and don't lose those dearest memories with the rush of time. Documenting it and saving those not only for yourself but for all the people around you, the future generations to come. A detailed record which you'll be able to cherish forever. 

Now you must be thinking detailed documentation of a trip is quite a tedious task to keep a record, but thanks to our advancing technologies which offer us a range of options in order to keep a record of something which would help us easily document our trip.       

Let me introduce you to mytravaly's closed community which is the best platform for travel freaks to share about their trip to a world of travellers who are eager to hear out your craziest of stories through a range of conveniences at your disposal. Community helps travellers from across the globe connect to a group of people of similar interests and share as well as learn from each other's experiences. It helps them explore other people's travelling experiences and interests and evoke a feeling of gratitude after sharing about their experiences, look up to the enthusiasts for any help or reference for the future and likewise create their own community of travellers who love to share their knowledge and also waiting for yours.     

You can share and learn from the creativity, new thought processes, learnings, unforgettable memories that traveling experience imparts. 

For which you have a lot of features on the community you can use according to your convenience, you can share through the story, blog, pictures, video, podcast, etc.

You can increase your digital presence via regularly updating content on your profile, build a loyal audience base by encouraging them to engage through reactions, comments to engage on your content, and let them build your personal branding.

Apart from that, you can earn commissions by advocating for the range of choices in hotels, the community has in store for their travellers, you basically recommend the hotels by sharing their link and receive an amount each time someone books from your link.

 If you support, work or represent an NGO you can help them raise funds by helping them register to Mytravaly's Fundraiser and support their project also donate for the needy through MyTravaly's Fundraiser. 

You can also feature and promote your own personal service/business to the host of international audiences waiting to try/support/promote or become aware of it that eventually helps you grow.

You can propose/request funds to organize meetups, events, and likewise. You can also organize your webinar, conduct on the platform, collect charges from the attendees and avail a lot of benefits by paying a monthly platform fee of Rs  134/- per month.  

It is a platform where you can express and share about your craziest of experiences, where you have people like you, who love to travel and also share about their own experiences, through the range of means available according to your interest. 

If you are not so good at vlogging and experimenting with a camera you can make a podcast by just narrating about your experience and creating a fanbase of your own voice and narrative style by some spicy features, available at mytravaly's community like adding the background and live stream the trip through voicing the experience and updating them by endless episodes.

If you don't prefer taming people by your voice and haven't got used to microphones you can always pen down your adventurous experience into an interesting blog or stories and let people wait for your next upload and swallow through the details of your fun.

If writing isn't your cup of tea, we even encourage just posting a picture of the most exciting places you visited and adding a prudent caption as you do regularly, you can make a collage of different food eaten or places visited and share with the community. For videos there are a host of ideas on the web on how to make some fun vlogs or short videos as a token of the memories of your travel trip like you can make a short video on a series of small details that you noticed about the places you visited or like small video clips of a  glimpse of people you met, they are saying something, or a simple short glimpse of the beautiful sites visited.

 For pictures, you can make a collage of the unique dresses you tried or gradual growth of your beard or skin tanning on a beach place.

Apart from all the above, you can make bookings through MyTravaly to avail of some awesome deals on hotels and accommodation facilities. Mytravaly endeavours all things travel as it provides to every need related to travelling right from technology for hoteliers to platform to share and connect with your kind of people and learn from them.

Share your story today and avail the other features and benefits of the community by logging in here or register yourself if you aren't yet !! 

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