Offbeat Thoughts on a Trip

MyTravaly_Logo  Somya Aditi 24 Jan, 2021 8 mins read 122
Offbeat Thoughts on a Trip

The talk that I last had at a railway station, just before the arrival of my train. 
I think that vibe, that mood is exciting and we must have had some of our best discussions on life when we're about to start a journey, when we aren't thinking about the next household chore that we have to complete like cleaning the room.

The discussion that we have in the car on the journey of a road trip or inside a hotel room.
Have you realised the leisureliness of the topics on which we discuss maybe just sitting to taste some street food with someone and talking while waiting for it?

I remember how I was planning about my higher studies with my friend who had come to drop, just before the lockdown. We were talking of how the chaos(of Covid) will be over in two weeks and I'll be back there, and then I just named my random definitions on success which I planned to accomplish... like how I always wanted to do that and I'd be doing after I graduate.
And then things changed so much in just 4-5 months, turned upside down! I don't even talk to him like before, something's happened between us. Like life! like how it blows you, surprises you, you never thought something like this could happen which would change you, your perspective and help you step into adulthood. 

Anyways I miss all those chit chats. I haven't seen that beautiful sight of the railway station since then, that sight which gives you mixed feelings due to the diverse sight which you see in front of you and get sad for some reason also happy for others. But yes it triggers something that makes you feel alive and gives energy to keep moving!
You've come out of your damn comfort of home and see every section of society hustling and become grateful for all that you have and all that you're going to acquire from the journey.
I miss my friend as we don't share that same bond now but I also miss all those conversations we used to have everytime before I was about to depart to my hometown. I miss the convos that I had with my cousin on our last road trip.
We were talking of how our parents definition of success is different from ours and expectations from life and us, how everything is tough and we just gotta choose ours. 

I remember when we are on our way to somewhere maybe 'naanighar' or papa is dropping mumma off to her school of 1 hour journey. My mom continuously nags my father for multiple things from the past and we keep laughing until she starts crying, then everybody's silent. 
And while moving on continuing with your discussion suddenly witnessing a beautiful sight everyone forgets what we were talking, taking out cameras but I avoid doing it.  I just love to stare at it while leaning on the window in the slowly moving car, enjoy the stunning view!
That is the moment when life is happening to us! We are  talking about the happiness, sorrows, excitements, hopes, desires while with the clear view of the street, surrounding. Like everytime I see my intermediate hostel on my way to the outskirts of the city, I recall how while returning I used to have such a heavy heart and I'd silently sob in the back seat. We had only one car and while it was busy then sometimes my father would drop me on the bike in the chilling cold while I couldn't feel anything except the pain to part from my papa while already living away from mumma for past 12 to 14 years. 
I'd see the trees passing like I'm the most unlucky, like if only I had been this tree I could stay with my roots like everybody does. Then I'd comfort myself saying okay I'd live with them when I pass out with good grades!!
Damn those painful and exciting thoughts....

On a train journey, you are alone and while sitting on the corner looking at the people. Have you noticed the thoughts crossing your mind?? 
" O man she's such a drama queen like me", "okay is that man staring at me?", "Why isn't the jhal muri wala coming" , "This child looks similar to my paternal aunts daughter", "O man now my mom would call 100 times till I reach there", "I'd better be busy on my phone than hearing this man's nonsense", "This kid is way too smart compared to his age","O my gawd is this her daughter?? She's not even looking like a mom !!".
Things like these happen to me and I enjoy speaking to myself about what I'm watching..!! Maybe everybody does;)

Do you realise how peaceful traveling alone is, I mean nobody to worry about - is he comfortable or is she hungry, if I plan something I've to convince her and so blah blah blah.... just set your luggage and think about whatever the hell you want to, build your beautiful castle of dreams for hours till you reach and watching an amazing movie is underrated. I feel I'm into a different world laughing, shying, crying on different scenarios of the movie and the people around me would be awestruck  like what the hell is she doing and I won't give a flying Rabbit!! 

Yeah, that mood and those conversations with yourself or someone, I just realised it's sooo mesmerizing dude there are so many if we count on all the trips, the memories which would remain with us to our graves, sometimes we recall randomly reminded of it or while sitting with someone.
Let's recall the best ones you have with your boyfriend/girlfriend, mumma, family, best friend, yourself whomsoever, you can mention the hilarious ones in the comments too!!

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