Shopping guide for men: Indian Handicrafts

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Shopping guide for men: Indian Handicrafts

Indian handicrafts are items created entirely by hand or using just basic tools. They are made by talented artisans who have inherited their know-how and techniques from earlier generations. Each region in India has its unique handicraft style that reflects the local way of life, customs, and materials. Indian handicrafts that are in demand include: 

  • Textiles: India is well known for its silk, cotton, wool, and embroidered textiles. Look for handmade kurtas (traditional Indian tunics), scarves, shawls, and silk or cotton shirts.
  • Jewellery: The intricate designs and usage of precious and semi-precious gemstones in Indian jewellery are well known. Consider purchasing jewellery with traditional Indian themes and craftsmanship, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks.
  • Pottery & Ceramics: Explore the wide variety of pottery and ceramics that are produced in India, including terracotta vases, clay pots, and ornamental tiles. These can be utilized as distinctive house accents or useful kitchen accessories.
  • Woodwork: Indian woodwork comprises carved furniture, wall panels, and ornamental objects like statues and figurines. Look for handcrafted furniture, candlesticks, or even elaborately carved wooden frames.

Research and Identify Regional Specialties

India's handicrafts vary from region to region, each having its own unique style and specialty. Before you start shopping, research and identify the regions that are renowned for specific handicrafts. Understanding local specializations will help you make wise decisions and locate genuine crafts that capture the spirit of a place. For example:

  • Rajasthan is well known for its traditional jewellery, textiles, and block printing.
  • The magnificent Pashmina shawls and hand-knotted carpets from Kashmir are well-known worldwide.
  • Gujarat is well known for its embroidered textiles including Kutchi work and Bandhani (tie-dye) textiles.
  • Brass and metalwork, including statues and kitchenware with exquisite designs, are famous in Uttar Pradesh.

Authenticity and Quality

Making sure Indian handicrafts are authentic and of high quality is crucial when buying them. Here are some suggestions to bear in mind:

  • Find certified craft shops, government emporiums, and artisan cooperatives. These businesses support genuine handicrafts by purchasing their goods directly from craftspeople.
  • Look at the quality of the work and the attention to detail. Fine workmanship, complex patterns, and immaculate finishing are indications of high-caliber craftsmanship.
  • Check what materials were used to make the handicrafts. Make sure the materials are real and long-lasting when purchasing anything made of fabric, jewellery, or pottery. Genuine silver jewellery, for instance, ought to display the purity stamp.

Supporting Sustainable and Fair Trade

Try to support fair trade and sustainable business practises when buying Indian handicrafts. Look for goods that are produced with environmentally friendly materials and methods. Additionally, make sure craftspeople are paid fairly for their work by purchasing products that support their livelihoods. You can help preserve traditional crafts and elevate artisan communities by promoting moral behaviour.

Shopping Destinations

Handicrafts are available in a variety of Indian markets and retail establishments. Here are a few noteworthy locations to check out:

  • State Emporiums: In India, each state often maintains a separate emporium that displays and sells handicrafts unique to that area. These markets are great places to find genuine crafts.
  • Street Markets: Local bazaars and street markets, like those in Mumbai's Colaba Causeway and Delhi's Chandni Chowk, provide a range of handicrafts at affordable prices. Be ready to bargain because these markets often involve lots of people in it.
  • Online Marketplaces: A number of online marketplaces display and offer for sale Indian handicrafts. These online marketplaces offer a practical method to browse a wide selection of products and have them delivered right to your home.

Wrapping up Words

It can be rewarding to learn more and include Indian handicrafts into your lifestyle. You can discover genuine and high-quality handicrafts that reflect India's rich cultural past by knowing the many art forms, learning about local specialties, and supporting sustainable practises. Enter the world of Indian handicrafts now and set out on a quest to explore the beauty and artistry that this amazing nation has to offer.

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