Stunning Stadiums of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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Stunning Stadiums of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Staying true to our promise in our last Blog about FIFA We are back to you with some thought provoking knowledge about the stunning stadiums of FIFA 2022!
We are saying 'stunning' because you'll remain amazed when you learn how efficiently and skilfully Qatar is organizing the requirements of one of the greatest and most expensive tournaments of all time!!
Did you ever think, what would Qatar do with all the lavish constructions after the world cup ends ?? Well here's the answer of Qatar to all of us !!
We all know about the stunning stadiums proposed for FIFA world cup 2022 for which the country has a pitch perfect planning to deliver.
'The first carbon neutral FIFA world cup' means first fully demountable stadiums are all on the way to provide most economical solutions to all the expenses that Qatar is bearing!!


  • The 22nd edition of the FIFA world cup is the first one to be held in Arab World through which Qatar has left no stone unturned to inspire the greatest of nations. They've decided to express their culture, Identity and architecture of Qatar through the designs of the stadiums ( themes like traditional Dhow Boat, desert landscape, 'gahfiya', fanar lantern etc.) supporting local architects and construction companies.
  • Due to the modular design, stadiums will be easily dismantled for reuse and relocation(the roofs, seats, steel, shipping containers etc.) . Countries with scarcity of sports facilities will be provided with the detachments post world cup. Some stadiums to be reused as hospitals, schools, Places of worship, running/cycling/horse riding tracks, and Hotel while others would be detached for various purposes!

How smart isn't it?
The unique zero-waste stadiums are being built of environmentally responsible and ecologically sustainable materials and have been carefully considered for post tournament roles. The thoughtful construction involves 90% of reuse and recycling of waste materials generated during construction. Balances the amount of carbon emitted during construction and majorly involves recycled and locally sourced materials.
         * The Green Construction which fits with UN Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to diminish any environmental change caused due to challenges in accommodating thousands of workers in the construction phase. The stadiums feature the improved lighting, air quality and greenery which'd positively influence occupant’s health and well-being and halt biodiversity loss.
         * To preserve pre-existing greenery among the construction sites, most of them were dug up and carefully planted in nursery and would be later transported and planted at other sites. 850,000 square metres of green space being created in Doha where more than 16000  low-water -consumption trees are planted. 84% of the landscape is covered with native vegetation, selected plants that provide food, vegetation and shelter to birds, insects. plant which can combat desertification and are drought tolerant.
         * For all eight stadiums legacy, comfort, accessibility and sustainability is aimed. The stadiums are said to be equipped with environmentally friendly cooling systems that are adaptable to changing climate. We're yet not sure if they'd work in open-air. They are equipped to cool only the areas needed and operate for only a couple of hours before the event. The cooling technology will make the venue usable year round owing to the hot climate of the country.
         * The stadiums use recycled water for dust control and toilets, reducing the demand for fresh water by 40%. Water vapour collected from cooling systems and treated sewage water would be used for irrigation, dust suppression keeping in mind the preciousness of water in Qatar. Water efficient fixtures like waterless urinals, dual flush toilets, water metres , taps with automatic shutoff sensors and aerators on tapes are installed keeping in mind.
         * Every stadium of FIFA world cup 22 is connected with public transport through which the majority of fans and staff would be arriving. They are also strategically located near or inside settlements so that localities will be simply walking to the venue reducing the parking needs.

There are too many smart endeavours to mention all , the FIFA world cup construction strategy leaves an extremely valuable sustainability legacy for its future generation to learn. The forethought of this has marked the benchmark of innovation for all of us to follow. The specialities, usability, idea and uniqueness of each of the stadiums would be discussed in detail in our next blog.

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