The significance of World Tourism Day

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The significance of  World Tourism Day

Whenever we talk about travel and tourism we talk about countries, states, cities, culture, festivals, language and much more. Tourism has grown tremendously to a next level in past few years. There was a time when travel used to be considered as a luxury thing it was undertaken for business or by the high class society. 

As the time changes gradually meaning and importance of travel also changes. In today’s world, it has become necessity and undertaking a trip once or twice in a year for you is good and important. As it is scientifically proven that travelling makes you happy, cheerful and a smart person.

Today’s let's talk about the significance of tourism and how did this activity turned into as big as ‘Tourism Day’ globally and how people have adopted this festival and celebrates it with enthusiasm.

What is World Tourism Day?

Every year World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September every year. The day marks the celebration of the anniversary of the adoption of statues of organization in 1970. Which mark the establishment of the UNTWO United Nations World Tourism Organisation five years later. 

When it will be celebrated in 2021?

This year World Tourism Day will be celebrated on 27th September with a new unique theme and in more overwhelming way. Due to Covid’19 pandemic entire world came to a halt and hence the celebration of last year’s event was also shifted to online platform. But this year the world will come together again to mark the celebration of travel culture with great excitement and sense of responsibility. 

Who is the host country for World Tourism Day 2021?

The host country for this year’s celebration of World Tourism Day is Cote d'Ivoire a country on the coast of West Africa.

What is the theme of this World Tourism Day?

The theme of this World Tourism Day is ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’ The celebration will take place considering tourism’s ability to drive inclusive development and its role in promoting respect while bringing up opportunities for many millions across the globe.

How it will be celebrated this year?

The primary reason to celeberate this day is to create awareness of importance of tourism and showcase its cultural, social, economical and political values across the world on basis of the theme ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’

As we celebrate other traditional and cultural festivals with lots of enthusiasm let's celebrate Tourism Day too with the same energy. Let's make the world a better place to travel, explore and fulfil our wanderlust!

The post is written by Ritika Arora, Content Writer, MyTravaly!

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