Tips for every solo traveller which will make their trip unforgettable

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Tips for every solo traveller which will make their trip unforgettable



In the last travel guide, we shared some of the travel tips for solo travellers. Because the list is pretty long, here’s another guide for the solo travellers. As you already know the benefits of solo trips, these pro travelling tips by MyTravaly will make your trip more exciting and thrilling.

Here’s another pack of tips one must follow on a solo trip:

Carry your favourite book and learn to read map
Carrying your favourite book to a solo travel trip is always a good move, as there will be times when you will find places to relax, like a good mountain view. Also, the knowledge about using Google maps is helpful, there will be times that a local will not be able to help you and you will be stuck at that place.

Be sober and prefer taking the public transport
Being influenced by alcohol in an unknown terrain while you are alone can make things really worst. You need to be in your senses at all the time as you do not know what thing you might be facing in the next seconds. Also, the consumption of alcohol in public places is a bad habit that one should never acquire.
Also, prefer taking public transport as it is safer than any other transport. This makes your budget happier as public transport is the cheapest of all. As well as the public transport may lead to experiences which you would have never imagined at all.

Use the technology and save battery
Using technology to your advantage in an unknown place is always helpful. Many helpful apps such as GPS, Google maps and restaurant finder are found useful by solo travellers. In today’s world, everything has an online alternative, so it is better if you know how to
operate via internet.
Being a tech geek is great but you have to be saving the battery of your device as well. Not able to reach your phone at the appropriate time is a big no for a solo traveller.

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Trust yourself and avoid dark voids
Having complete trust in your instincts might help you. The instincts you receive while visiting a place or talking to a person is what you should go with as you will find yourself in a no man’s land if you ignore them.
Avoiding creepy places and uncomfortable zones is must. You as a solo traveller needs to avoid risky situations. Unsafe places should be completely left.

Learn the local language and ask questions
Learning the most common language used in the terrain is recommended highly as you might want to communicate with someone but a barrier might occur so I decent knowledge of the local language can always help you out of the quick end.
Asking questions and being eager to find out things can always help you build connections with great people. Also, being eager and asking questions is one of the most common skills a solo traveller occupies.

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Try new cuisines and eat healthy
It is good to try the new cuisines made by the local restaurants in the area. Many of the places are known for their street food, so it is good to try out the street food and famous recipes.
One thing in this matter that you should always take care about is eating healthy. As a solo traveller you must not be vulnerable to common diseases. Thus, eating healthy is recommended highly.

Whenever you plan a solo trip, do keep these things in mind. Also, it is advisable to plan a solo trip atleast once in a year. It will be beneficial for you in many ways as well as it will give you an enthralling experience.

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