Tips for every solo traveller which will make their trip memorable

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Tips for every solo traveller which will make their trip memorable


Solo Trips brings out the best in you. It is an experience full of adventures and excitement. You discover a part in yourself, you never knew existed. The beauty of travelling alone is something one must witness once in their lifetime and once you get into this, there is no coming back.

If you want to make your solo trips more memorable and fruitful, here are few tips that you must follow:

Make your plan in advance and do not carry much stuff

You should have a detailed outline of your plan and you should be clear on what you should do.
Don’t waste half of your time planning your trip after going there. Get your travel tickets and hotel bookings beforehand to avoid last minute hustle-bustle.

When you are travelling alone make sure you do not carry much stuff with you. If you have fewer luggages, it will be easy for you to manage. It is advisable to carry only essential stuff and in case you need something urgently you can buy wherever you are.

Meet local people and establish connections

Strangers are your only friends when you chose for a Solo Trip! If you make good connections with them they will help you discover the place with a better vision. While travelling in buses and trains try talking to the people around you. Try making friends at the place you stay or the place you travel. They can be your lifetime friends too.

Solo Trips are more effective when you travel with a local person. They will help you discover the place in a much better way. They will make you aware of things not available on internet or on books. They will help you discover the place better than professional guides.

Becomes an observer and explore with joy

When you are alone then your senses to observe becomes very high. You even observe peacefully in a crowded place. At every step there is something to learn and observe. While the trip will give you some impeccable experiences, your observation learning will add to your joy.

Explore the places you visit with utmost pleasure and joy. Be it a movie theatre or a historical monument, you can visit every place alone. This kind of experience will be enlightening and will raise a lot of confidence inside you.

Try and learn new things

While travelling, you will come across various different types of things that you must learn. While exploring about the culture, nightlife, food etc, you should try and learn everything the place specialises for. It can be there language or a special type of cuisine.

Every state has different type of dance or music taste, you must try and learn them while you are on a solo trip. Although, a trip is for fun purpose but making full use out of it will make you feel happier.

Carry everything you need and take care of your items

While you travel alone, you only have to take care of yourself and your belongings. There is a possibility that on airports or railway stations, you baggage gets misplaced. So make sure that your senses are active and you are alert. Also, it is very necessary to take care of your papers, passports, wallets, credit/debit card and money.

Carry necessary medicines, gadgets, ID proofs etc with you so that you don’t need to struggle at any point of time. When you are travelling alone it is important to have everything by side.

Click good photographs and smile

Since it will be a solo trip, you will need to click your pictures on your own. Solo Trip is very special, so you should capture every memory of it. You can also ask the local people to click some good pictures of you but the major part of capturing the moments you need to do on your own.

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