Top 5 ways to celebrate World Food Day

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Top 5 ways to celebrate World Food Day

Food is the biggest emotion of human life. Every person in this world can relate himself with the food which is a haven for him. Earlier the basic need for food was that it gives energy and strength to do our activities. But slowly things evolved and need and meaning of this necessity changed completely.

In today’s time, food is way of earning money, it is a reason to travel, it is a reason to study, to serve and what not. People have started to believe that food is way more than a necessity and to celebrate this necessity a day has been dedicated which is known as World Food Day.

World Food Day was first celebrated in 1945 and the aim was to bring awareness about the conservation of food and ways to avoid wasting it. Since then, every year a theme is decided for this event and people all over the world celebrate the taste, authenticity and importance of food. 

There are various ways in which you can celebrate this event, here are the top 5 ways! 

Treat Yourself

World Food Day is all about eating and embracing the food which means the world to you. Every person has that one dish which he/she can eat at any time and any day, generally, we treat ourselves when we are utmost happy or sad. But on this day treat yourself to celebrate that one food dish that kept you going. 

Plan a meal date

Celebrate your favourite meal with your family, friends and close ones. Visit your old and golden favourite food place or if you are foodie and like exploring a new food hub go there with your group and create food memories. Treat yourself with a gourmet delight and have a yummy food day.

Share your food

The main aim of World Food Day is to celebrate share and create awareness about the food. Every year world goes through a huge scarcity of food and it is high time to save and share food with the ones who are in need. Prepare and share the food with needy peoples or donate in NGO’s or organization who deals with the food crisis.

Travel for food

The world has evolved with lots of technological advancements, earlier people used to travel for work or leisure but now people undertake trips to eat and taste new food. Various destinations have come up with food tourism where people can travel just to eat, explore and enjoy the food. This World Food Day undertake a journey to treat yourself with delight.

Participate in Food Event

Various organizations conduct food events and exhibitions, as well as many restaurants, offer discounts on meal plans. Visit such events and exhibitions and enjoy your World Food Day by getting accustomed to various dishes and delicacies from all around the world. 

Make your World Food days memorable by celebrating them in these unique ways and creating a food story that can remain lifelong with you!

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