Top 6 things to do in Assam

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Top 6 things to do in Assam

Assam is one of the most beautiful states to visit in north eastern part of the country. With its sacred temples, unique culture and amazing festivals. It is one of the seven sisters with a perfect mix of everything for a beautiful getaway. People visit this place from all over the world to experience its green lush landscape, tea gardens and charming wildlife.

A far away land in himalayas surrounded by Brahmaputra river Assam is a beautiful place waiting for you to explore yourself Immerse yourself in exploring this tea valley of India and make memories in this far away land.

Here is a list top 6 things you must try while being in Assam

Kaziranga National park, Kanchanjuri.

One of the top tourist places to visit in Assam, Kaziranga National Park is a heaven of biodiversity that nature enthusiasts in you will fall in love with! The only park with 2400 one-horned rhinos represents about two-thirds of world’s total population. Kaziranga offers popular 4WD safaris that allow you to get close to rhinos and other large mammals. 

Majuli Island

This island is recognized to be Asia’s prominent riverine island. It is a pollution free island that stands home to some awe striking landscape that could literally take your breath away.

The main motive you must have to visit it is the culture followed by tribal on this island. Participating in various fairs and festivals while being here is a must.

Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati

You can add little religious spin to your trip to Assam by visiting this gorgeous temple. Belong to one of the 51 shakti Peeths which are scattered in the coutry. The two mains deities found here are Lord Shiva and Daksha Yagna.

You can find a temple decorated with vibrant colours. You will be able to see and hear lots of mythological stories while being in the vicinity of temple.


Dating back to Ahom Dynasty this cultural town is full of historical attractions. If history is something which makes you curious and you are fond of it this destination is a paradise for you. Key attractions you can found here are Ahom museum, Rudrasagar tank and temples and Gaurisagar tanks and temples.

Taste the local food

The cuisine here is simple in its styles and ingredients. You won’t find excessive chillies in the food. Local dish here mainly consists of fish and rice. You will fish and rice as a staple diet of the state.  If you’re hardcore fan of seafood and that too with lots of spices then the cuisine of Assam should not be missed from your bucket list.


No matter what destination you visit, shopping is always an integral part of itinerary. In Assam, there are lots of shopping places where you can buy the best souvenirs. Right from handicrafts to painting silk sarees, you can get everything here at a reasonable price. The best places for shopping include Fancy Bazar, Pan Bazar and Paltan Bazar.

Travel to this gateway to seven sisters and explore the calmness of nature along with immersing in the unique and traditional culture of the state.

Travel Assam, book your hotel with MyTravaly and do not forget to share your experience with us.

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