Top 5 markets to shop from Ahmedabad during Navratri

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Top 5 markets to shop from Ahmedabad during Navratri

Navratri is one of the biggest festivals for the state of Gujarat. As soon as Navratri comes closer people start preparing for the festival by shopping, cleaning houses and buy new things for it. People of Gujarat are very particular about this festival and hence everything is planned and made ready in systematic way. 

Garba dance is one of the key aspects of this festival and whenever the topic of Garba comes out it always get associated with the costumes, accessories, makeup especially for girls and dandiya. Shopping is one of the to do things during Navratri.

The city which is known for this festival is Ahmedabad and whether its Garba nights, food or shopping city stands on number one position in the entire world. People visit this place to shop for Navratri and one can find collection of classic costumes and accessories here. 

Here is the list of top 5 markets from where you can shop for Navratri

Rani no Hajiro

This is one of the oldest standing markets in the city. It is located near Manek Chowk and gets buzzing with lots of people during Navratri. This market offers you some of the best Chanya Chowli in a wide range of varieties. No matter how modern the world has turned into, this market has been the same since the olden times. You can find small shops and shopping centres in narrow lanes. Keep your shopping list ready so that you don’t forget to buy glamourous clothes.

Law Garden

If you like exploring places in night, Law Garden is waiting for you. The only market in the city which take place after the sunset. In late evening people start visiting this place. It offers you the best accessories to match with your Garba costumes. Along with accessories, you can also find various stalls selling Chanya Choli in unique designs and patterns. Head to this place with your friends or family in night to complete your Navratri shopping.

Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is a famous area in the city for jewellery shopping. It is the second largest jewellery market in the country, you can find latest fashionable jewellery here till the daylight. After 9:30 pm the shopping street turns into a food street and you can find lots of food stall selling tempting famous Gujarati delicacies. Some of the must try food items here are panipuri shots, rajwadi kulfi, ghoogra sandwich and many such. This late night food market is the best hangout spot in the city.

Sindhi Market

Sindhi market is a famous place to shop dress materials, sarees, lehngas, bedsheets handmade bags and Dandiyas. Explore this place to buy some cheap and good quality products. The market is the best place to sharp your bargaining skills as bargaining is the only key to shop good items from here.

Ratan Pole

This is the wholesale market which is famous for sarees and Chanya Choli. You can also find lots of textiles and handlooms here, the best thing about this market is that the entire market is being set up in the small narrow streets. Shopping from this ancient market is one of the to do things while exploring the city, head to Ratan Pole to shop for this festive season.

Shop for Navaratri by planning your trips to these famous markets of Ahmedabad and buy some of the best clothes and accessories to look fashionable.

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