Top 6 peaceful places to visit in India

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Top 6 peaceful places to visit in India

India is the land of religions, traditions, culture and festivals. A country which is known for its democracy and world’s largest Constitution. Along all with all of this factors India is considered as the best place to undertake tourism and too of different niches. You can opt for spiritual, beach, leisure, business, pilgrimage, adventure, peaceful and many such types of tours.

Talking about last two years, life has been changed gradually. Everything which used to happen physically or in person is now happening in virtual or from home.
In order to get rid of this mishap temporarily it's important to undertake trips to the destinations where you can find peace and relax your mind.

Here is a list of the top 6 places which can help you to gain peace of mind


The place in India which is known for its incredibility, beauty and peaceful environment. Kashmir has it all. The pleasant environment attracts lots of tourists from all around the world. This Haven on the Earth is the picturesque destination to enjoy a peace of life. Huge orchards of Apples, Pines and snow clad Himalayan mountains make the place must visit.


Situated in the Northeastern part of the country, Meghalaya is the true hidden gem to experience a slow and relaxed life. Surrounded by Khasi and Goro hills the place is most photogenic destination in the entire northeast. Lush waterfalls, huge green forests and different varieties of Flora and Fauna can be found here in abundance. Along with relaxation, you can also undertake many adventure activities.


Living a calm life near beaches is the dream of many people and Andaman can help you in fulfilling it. Andaman lies on the Bay of Bengal and is surrounded with infinite beaches. For all the beach lovers this place is a true heaven for you as you plan your leisure trip or a outdoor picnic with your families and friends without any hazel. Head to this place to eat some delicious seafood, explore the life inside water and take the tour of various coral reefs.


Goa a place to rejuvenate and relaxed your mind seems impossible isn’t it. We have always heard and saw the place filled with people partying, spending time at beaches, shopping and eating. But for relaxation feels strange. Yes Goa does have such resorts and retreats which you can visit to just relax and have good quality with your family and loved ones. Opt a option of staying in South Goa and you never know you might get opportunity of owning a private beach.

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The spiritual and important religious place of Punjab State. The lifestyle is very slow and early at the same time. Slow because you won’t find here anyone rushing for their work or routine chores instead people conduct their activities at their own pace. Early because the life starts here at 4 am in the morning and its ends as quick as 8pm. To live a real healthy and tension free life plan your trip to Amritsar today.

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Rann of Kutch

The white desert of Gujarat can give you the real life experience of rural area. It is the best place to understand the daily routine of rural region. You will be able to immerse yourself in the traditional culture and lifestyle of Kutch without any difficulty and once involved you will not want yourself to get rid of this slow and healthy life.

We all need peaceful life somewhere, due to hectic schedule and not being able to travel freely its important to undertake trips to such place where you can forget all your tensions and can spend a moment of peace with yourself.

Plan your trip to the destination and enjoy the time of being with yourself!

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