Top things to know and explore in Bhubaneswar

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Top things to know and explore in Bhubaneswar

Are you planning a 2-3 day escape all by yourself to a fairly nearby city? Away from the stress and monotony of your day to day life? Then MyTravaly got your everything covered and unlike the last time, this time we've even chosen the city for you!

This outing we suggest you a culture trip to explore 'the temple City of India', It's Bhubaneswar. We even have some travellers tip along with all the other interesting information on how to intelligently explore the city.

Top attractions to visit

Udaygiri and Khandgiri, the place is known for two rock cut caves with unique motifs and engravings. Ramchandi beach will offer you some memorable sunsets and sunrise view while soaking in the fresh breeze and moist sand. The gentle waves of the tranquil place would take away all your worries and stress. The tourist [lace list of Bhubaneshwar remains incomplete without mentioning Lingaraja temple. Largest in the city with Kalinga style architecture is believed to have appeared naturally at the spot. Dhauli hills contain the edicts of Ashoka and believe the famous Kalinga war took place. The shanti stupa was also built here when Ashoka adopted the teaching of Buddhism. Nandankanan zoological park is the easiest access for you to visit some rare and endangered species like white tiger, Asiatic lion, Indian pangolin and several fish species. Witness the most intricate designs of stone carvings. It was built as before as 7th and 8th century AD in Nagara style dedicated to lord Shiva. Also do not miss the Museum of Arts and artifacts to get a vivid glimpse on the culture and history of early tribes of the city.

Activities to do

 Ever imagined yourself on  a racing car?? Try Go-Karting, ATV Biking or even horse riding. all at the same place, on a reasonable price. Snooker, The real snooker atmosphere is live and waiting for you here, if not good at it at least you can get a cool photograph clicked and share on Mytravaly  community for all the members to see and be fascinated! Now we have a unique game called 'laser tag', currently a blockbuster among the young visitors. It is funny as well as spooky and quite on trend. Shopping at station square and Ekamra haat would be one of the most fun and exciting activities in Bhubaneshwar. handicrafts, handloom, traditional dress, jewellery, whisky bottle paintings, sambalpuri, sarees, wooden crafts. Finally don't forget to visit the night club for some refreshing cocktails and party with locals.

Dishes to taste

This dish called Macha ghanta from Oriya origin will let you fall in love . Chingudi Ghanta is another popular dish, a seafood made from crabs, potatoes, onions, gingers and variety of species.'Maccher kalia with aloo' is a delicious dish prepared from traditional fish cooked with Murrel fish with green mand and spicy potato. Chana Jalebi made from fresh cottage cheese served chilled or hot. Phakale Bhata is also typical oriya cuisine said to prevent heat stroke during hot summer days. Prepared from cooked rice little fermented in water with a lot of variation like dahi pakhala, zeera pakhale etc. Apart from this traditional cuisine try some famous street food like fish fry, chicken pakora, rolls are famous. Malpua, Rabdi, chenna jhilli are some delicious desserts to try.

When to visit

October to mid-March is considered the best time to visit the city. The weather is quite pleasant and the temperature fairly low. The time is ideal for outdoor activities and exploration all-round the city and temperature are fairly low. The low temperatures during winters adds to the beauty of temples ,lakes and national parks.

The origin of the city is as old as the 7th century, when the temple architecture was in popularity. Which is clearly witnessed through the design and architecture of each and every temple in the city. The rulers of the chedi dynasty were the first to establish the kingdom in sisupalgarh. Bhubaneswar is currently located there. The city was founded by Checi kings and rose in popularity after the famous Kalinga war. Between the Mauryan empire and the state of Kalinga’s. After independence in 1948 when Cuttack (the former capital of state) was hit by many natural calamities. Bhubaneswar was planned to provide modern and improved amenities to its people.

Main languages spoken in the city are Odia, Hindi and English. Also understood by many localities and the mother language of the city. Around 84% speak Odia, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali, Telugu used by other. Due to the influence of the border state.

Bhubaneswar is said to perfectly match tradition with modernity. The cultural heritage of the city is a window to the glorious past of the city. In creative art forms, performance art is highly valued like odissi, Chaau, and Ghumara are more than 200 years old. Folk music, tribal music and light-classical music are most loved in Bhubaneshwar. Mughal tamasha is a theatre form still prevalent in this region. The rich history and cultural heritage of the city is well preserved over the years and still vibrant in the atmosphere of the city. Don't forget to visit Orissa state museums in Bhubaneshwar to get a glimpse of all that we talked about.

Tips for travellers

Carry a mosquito repellent to save yourself. Diarrhoea is a common problem among visitors, avoid  eating half cooked food and drink purified or bottled water. Consumption of liquor/smoking is prohibited in open areas. You can do so in bars and restaurants.

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