Travel checklist part 1: The list of prescribed accessories for 2021

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Travel checklist part 1: The list of prescribed accessories for 2021
p>Are you preparing for an enthralling trip after this pandemic ends and waiting to return to the pre-pandemic conditions in which we used to interact 'carefree' then let us help you reassess the post-pandemic conditions in which even if the coronavirus pandemic ends there are things which we'd need to maintain forever for our own safety concerns, we'd be doing the same things but not in the same manner and so we need to ponder over the useful accessories that'll help us carry our jobs safely outside our home which is why we've prepared this list of essentials that you'd be needing for a carefree experience in traveling in 2021 and even after that, along with them we've also recommended a range of advancements in technology that'll ease the simple day to day inconveniences and make your trip comfortable and smooth. so come! let's go through them one by one- 

1. DEET based Insect repellent: Every part of this world hosts a different environment with different varieties of insects and to stay away from their serious and lasting consequences we need to take care of ourselves on our own - bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks being the most notorious out of these, we need to stay away from them as they cause some serious life-threatening diseases as malaria, chicken Guinea, Lyme disease, etc. 

We may prevent all of them by just taking a single precaution-carrying a DEET based insect repellent which tackles biting pests that we can encounter on our trip and is more effective and easy to use as a spray.

 Along with the DEET based insect repellent, covering your body maximum is recommended whenever possible because mosquitoes and other biting insects are active in the day time as well as the dusk, and covering your body easily saves you from them.

2. Mini power bank: Due to the minimized contact for our safety the digitalization is being encouraged and also we are dependent upon our phone for a lot of things including maps, payments, ticketing, emergency services which explains why we need to always keep our phones sufficiently charged and ready for emergency situations, the list has even increased after covid which can be operated only through a Chargeable device so now you know why has the importance of a power bank increased considerably with years, Because finding a charging point isn't logical at every place and so you need your own arrangements ready, and a dead phone at an unknown place is costly also because the advancing features in the smartphones are affecting the battery life no matter how big one we choose though.

3.  Portable wash bag: Portable wash bag will enable you to get your clothes clean at the end of the day itself after coming in contact with a lot of germs with very less water, perfect for mountain travelers, camping, trekking, and other adventurous sports where a lot of luggage isn't recommended. Enables you to take very fewer clothes to your trip and has proved its benefits in challenging times when we are not able to carry heavy luggage to distant places and also at times when we cannot store used and contracted clothes with other fresh ones and transfer the germs so we can simply carry a few clothing and the wash bag that'll get our job done easily.

4. Protective gears- Sanitizers, mask, disinfectants, face shield are something that has become a vital essence of our travel accessories forever and also after the pandemic and therefore recommended to carry these irrespective of the outbreak and get into a habit to follow the measures and keep them always with you for your own satisfaction, peace of mind and safety on a trip.

5. Tablet kinds of toothpaste: This is best for you need not share your toothpaste tube to a stranger, acquaintances or your friend and pass the germ unknowingly by every time pressing through swiping of the tube. It's perfectly safe to share, untouched, and easy to store, easier to clean teeth by just biting on a tablet when away from home and luxury. A fun and safe way to keep your teeth healthy in the most inconvenient environment. Also soft towards nature being eco-friendly and a better substitute than a tube for travel and safety conveniences.

6. Sleep headphones: With the help of this, one can control the unnecessary noise and focus on the music feeling isolated while perfectly sitting in the same place enjoying your solace and retiring along whenever feeling due to complete blackout for a comfortable rest. it provides a distraction-free environment and relaxation, and does not disturb your posture being perfectly adjusted into the cushion mask and when you turn to the side and help you naturally fall asleep by listening to soft music.

7. Slanket: It is probably what its name suggests, a blanket with sleeves, a fantastic idea which easily tackles the inconveniences of a blanket , when the warmth vanishes as soon as we sneak our hands in the cold, this is better for people who want to experience the adventures in cold countries and mountain experiences like camping, hiking, etc with all the comfort. The Slanket is further modified into a snuggie which is even more convenient to put on at home than wrapping all thick fitting woolens, the best thing about it is you can walk all around without dragging your blanket also use your hands as per needs so it's great convenience for travel.

8. A memory foam Neck pillow: The discomfort and pain in the neck during an unavoidable nap and maintaining the natural posture is why a neck pillow was initially invented, the position of your neck affects the breathing and spinal alignment. They are perfect for air travel, rail travel as well as road trips. This is highly appreciated by people with arthritis and neck or shoulder pain using them during travel.

The role of memory foam is adjusting according to the movement of your neck by evenly distributing the weight and adapting to the pressure by absorbing the energy and slowly bounces back and remains warmer and therefore comfortable in cold. The memory foam Neck pillows are durable, lightweight, and cost-effective to maintain and therefore recommended for a comfortable neck pillow.

9. Compression Packing square: Packing squares helps you keep the belongings well organized and makes the process of retrieval easier, enabling you to use the space of the bag effectively by maximizing them, they come in various sizes which makes them easier to use in all types of backpacks, suitcases. Adding almost zero weight to your luggage being lightweight and lasts really long due to the durable material. Compression packing cubes saves you from the hassle of vacuum compression and helps you organize even better saving more space and kind of buy extra space for you at zero cost if you learn to use them effectively, they can help you make a great packing if you like to carry more and more for a comfortable trip.

10. Universal travel adapter: This will help you work safely with almost all electronic devices such as mobile phones, trimmers, CD devices, kitchen appliances, cameras, and a lot more. Because there are hell lot of types of current used such as AC, DC, with the various difference in volts, it helps the device adapt to the configuration of the plug and is useful all over the countries where you don't find a compatible socket which helps you use all the electronic appliances that you've been carrying all the while within your luggage.

11. Portable wifi hotspot: A reliable internet connection has become way more important than before due to the obvious reasons and we need a connection that is sufficient to connect multiple devices such as your phone, laptop, watch other electrical devices that need data connection away from the hotel or a place of convenience. A portable wifi hotspot is exactly made for that, to access the internet irrespective of where you are with a totally secure internet which is better than 1000 people accessing the same internet wifi at a hotel with a slow connection and additional threat which has even increased in the modern times.

Giving the above essentials a small space into your luggage would ensure your safe and comfortable travel in the post-pandemic scenario and would help you cut unnecessary interactions and remain safe. 

However this isn't all, we have a lot more accessories to recommend you which will help you tackle petty inconveniences and ease your trip in multiple ways. To remain updated with us to know some more accessories in 'Travel checklist part 2' that will help you get the most out of your long-awaited trip.

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