Travel Guide to Kolkata during Durga Pooja

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Travel Guide to Kolkata during Durga Pooja

Kolkata the city of joy is one of the most cultural and colourful cities in our country. The city holds important place in terms of history, economics and politics. The city is home to some of the olden and beautiful architectures, as it was the old capital of our country during British period. 

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is the fourth metropolitan city in India. Despite entering into modern era city hasn’t lost its charms and that’s the reason why city is known as hub of art and culture. 

Along with marvellous art and architecture, city is also famous for the festival of Durga Pooja.
Time of the year when the entire city comes alive and enjoy the auspicious festival, people from all around the world visit Kolkata to experience the true festival vibes and immerse themselves in this joyful occasion. 

Here is a guide to visit Kolkata during Durga Pooja

When is Durga Pooja Celebrated?

Durga Pooja is celebrated for five days in Kolkata in months of September and October and great enthusiasm. It is the biggest festival in the state of West Bengal, a Hindu festival during which Goddess Durga is worshipped.

How to reach Kolkata?

Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport is situated in Dumdum which is about 17km from the heart of Kolkata city. The airport has good connectivity and is connected to major cities of India as well for foreign internationals too.

Kolkata has efficient network of railways in the entire country. Superfast trains such as Rajasthani Express or Shatabadi Express connects Kolkata from Delhi and other metro cities. The city has two major stations Howrah and Sealdh.

By road, Kolkata is well connected to various cities. NH 2 and 6 connect the city with other cities and states in India. 

Where to stay?

Being the capital and most important city of West Bengal, you can find lots of staying options. Types of accommodation range from Luxury villas, suites with different ratings of hotels as well many budget options include hostels, homestays or rented apartments.

Things to do

Undertake Pandal Hopping

The entire city of Kolkata gets covered with various pandals of Goddess Durga, in every alternate street you can find a Goddess Durga pandal being set up. Each Pandal is designed uniquelyand each showcasing the different form of Goddess Durga. Your trip to the city is incomplete without doing pandal hopping, explore the magnificent pandals of the festivals and get amazed.

Get ready in the beautiful traditional attire

Every festival is about getting dressed and so does the Durga Pooja. Get ready in the traditional Bengali attire of Lal Paar saree and Silk Kurta and Dhoti for men. Wear this traditional dress and explore the streets of the city which will give you homey vibes. People of Kolkata are known for their welcoming nature and hence after getting ready in such beautiful attire, you will be surprised to find yourself as one among the many people of the place.

Try the lip smacking street food

During Durga Pooja, thousands of street food sellers gather at the corner or the pavement of the street. You will find some of the lip smacking delicacies at these stalls. Whether it's Puchkas, rolls, momos egg fry or katahi rolls you name the dish and you find it here. All the foodies out there Durga Pooja is the best time for you to try the best food in this city.

Take part in Cultural activities

Durga Pooja involves lots of cultural activities which makes the festival more interesting. Every pandal has its own music, dance and lives performances. Do not forget to immerse yourself in the ritual of Sindur Khela on day of Dashmi where women smash each other lovingly with red vermilion. Amaze yourself with the sound of Aarti, Dhak and unforgettable Dhunuchi Naach.

Experience the immersion ceremony

The festival comes to an end with an immersion ceremony where streets of Kolkata dance, sing and enjoy till the idol of Goddess Durga is immersed in the water. The ritual is known as Bhasan and people apply colours to each other and enjoy the dance and music. Durga Pooja is the only festival where you can experience the true festival vibes of the city.

Durga Pooja is the best time to visit Kolkata as you can explore and enjoy the city in the best possible manner.

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