Travel Hacks to Help You Travel Smart!

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Travel Hacks to Help You Travel Smart!

Travelling on long trips to unexplored places or even planning a simple day trip can be a stressful experience. Ever found yourself struggling to stuff your travel clothes in bags or ever wondered how to save money and still enjoy a budget trip?? Here are some tried and tested travel hacks that you will swear by once you realize how useful they are!

1. Roll up your clothes rather than stacking them. Roll up your inner wear and stuff them inside the shoes. This helps save a lot of space! This way you can make more space in the same bag for toiletries, grooming products, food packs or other necessary things.

Charge your devices in the hotel room by simply connecting a USB cord to the TV, in case you lose or forget to carry your charger

3. Use mobile apps to track expenses and equally divide the expenses amongst the people travelling in the group. Apps like Splitwise, Trail Wallet, Tripcoin, etc. help you keep your expenses in check and spare you from all the calculations to figure out who owes how much money! 

4. Take a photograph of your travel bags once you’re ready to go. This will help you in case you forget or lose your bags in transit, the airline will be able to find it faster.

5. Label your bags as FRAGILE. This way your bags will arrive first on the belt and the airline staff will be extra careful while handling your bags.

6. Book your tickets in incognito mode. By doing this, airline websites can’t get your cookie information and they won’t show you increased fares based on your activity.

7. Use the free WiFi at airports, railway stations, national monuments, cafes, etc. and save on your data charges.

Now some hacks on how to score an upgrade!

8. Avoid booking through online travel agencies. Rather, book directly through the airline’s website and buy a full fare ticket. This way you will have more flexibility with amendments on booking and if there is space in business or first, you are more likely to get upgraded.

9. Another way to get upgraded is to check in just before the boarding time. The airline will want to fill as many higher quality seats as possible to get cash for it, so they might offer upgrades at lower prices.

10. And lastly, if you are traveling on a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary or honeymoon, go ahead and tell your flight attendants! The airline may try to make it a special flight for their customer’s special day by offering upgrades!

There you go! Stress less and enjoy more on your next trip. Till then, stay safe! 

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