Travel tips for first time travelers travel guide

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Travel tips for first time travelers travel guide

These travel safety tips are essential for all travellers, especially for first-timers. Learn how to be safe and why you should follow these guidelines.

Because there are more young and inexperienced travellers now than ever, general safety precautions are necessary. Here are a few vital travel tips and guides for newbies to help you get to grips with this fascinating world.


Always make a plan for your trip and never rush to travel. Always make a rough itinerary for the destination. If you are planning to travel long-distance with your family, friends or solo always do detailed research about places.
Also, always know the best place to visit and local delicacies to eat.


Save money before going on any trip and invest your money somewhere safe. You will be sorely disappointed if each day, you are over the budget. So, research about travel fare, accommodation, food or shopping expenses and note the figures. Also, always keep small amounts of cash on hand, as well as a debit card or credit card while travelling. Many people now-a-days prefer to make payments via UPI or QR code in India.


While going on long-distance travel always keep necessary accessories with you. Accessories like charger, power bank, camera etc should be on place. Check and test your accessories before packing your bags. If possible, carry a travel organizer to keep your accessories and documents tidy and safe.

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If you are travelling aboard keep your passport, visa and travel insurance ready with you. While travelling anywhere in the world, always carry your ID cards such as Aadhar card, Pan Card, Election Card, etc.

If you are going on a road trip, always keep your Driving license & Vehicle documents in place and while road-tripping in aboard, you will need an international driving license or special permit depending upon countries.


It's important to pack wisely so that you don't have to buy as much on the trip, you'll be relaxed and feel more at ease. It's also crucial not to bring unnecessary items and if you carry unwanted stuff, you will be irritated to carry bags after some time.


If you get a few bug bites or scratches when travelling, make sure to clean and treat them as soon as possible.  Even the tiniest flesh wounds can cause major discomfort and health problems if not properly cared for. Try to eat less and healthy, you surely don’t want to upset your stomach and carry a little first aid kit with you.


Always know about the locals thinking about dressing before you travel to any place. You surely don’t want to end up wearing shorts in a religious place and pyjamas on the beaches. In India or aboard people can be offended by the way you dress, so wear your outfits accordingly.


Nowadays, the selfie and vlogging culture is growing especially among youngsters. Many people don’t take permission before they photograph or shoot a video. So, always beware of rules and basic common sense to ask for permission. If you are taking drone shots or filming in places that are under government surveillance, you will need special permission from local authorities.


Sometimes when you expect to wait five minutes and you may find yourself waiting for half an hour. Travelling can take much longer than intended due to traffic and other disruptions. Also, carrying huge cash in hand isn't a good idea anywhere, pickpocketing happens in many places especially in tourist hotspots. So, be aware of your surroundings wherever you travel.  


After the Coronavirus outbreak whenever you are visiting a place, check what the health and government guidelines are urging and do exactly what they say. Generally, wherever you go the guidelines are the same for protecting yourself from the virus. During these days, crowd is the worst place to be. Also, avoid going somewhere where there are a lot of people.

The most important thing you can do to reduce your risks of catching coronavirus sickness is to get yourself vaccinated and wash your hands frequently. Keep a hand sanitizer gel on you at all times, apply a few drops of sanitizer gel to your hands and wrists and rub it in. When you have the opportunity, wash your hands for at least twenty to thirty seconds, especially after using public venues or taking public transportation. After leaving the airport, wash your hands if you took a flight anywhere.

The majority of people are decent. If you require assistance, they will provide it. You can buy stuff there if you forget something. In ways you can't imagine, the world is both different and the same.

So, these were some travelling tips for you. For more fascinating blogs, visit our MyTravaly's blog and get out there and have a look at the world.

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