Why is FIFA being held in Qatar: Everything you need to know

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Qatar was awarded the right to hold FIFA World Cup in 2010. It was marked as a historical day in the diaries of Qatar and the FIFA World Cup because it was the very first time Middle Eastern Country was awarded permission to host the tournament.

Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA supported the decision of the tournament being held in Qatar. The tournament has been shifted to the winters keeping in mind the high temperatures of Qatar. This is the very first time FIFA WORLD CUP would be held in the winter months. Earlier, Qatar opposed the change and requested that the tournament should be held according to the plan.
But now Qatar seems to accept the change of moving the tournament to winter season.

The victory of Qatar is a victory for the Arab World”, said Zinedine Zidane who is the former French international player and ambassador to the Qatar FIFA 2022.

Qatar was the only Arab Country that got the opportunity to host the tournament and it is considered to be the victory of Arab’s as a whole. The initial concern was the high temperature of Qatar. However, the officials confirmed that they will build air-conditioned stadium in the summer months and that will enable a smooth finishing of the tournament.

Later the England Football Association chairman said that the tournament cannot be held in the summers and so FIFA then decided to discuss and shift the FIFA to the winter season. Although, making such massive changes will cause disturbance in the annual football calendar because the national football association will have to make changes in the schedules.

According to the current information, there was no involvement of illegal or unethical activities in the process of giving rights to the Arab country for holding the tournament. People are arguing on the fact that awarding World Cup to ana Arab country is a move to bring football to the whole world.

Now the question arises that shifting the FIFA to winter season will weaken the public trust in FIFA?  Moving the tournament in winters has raised the question about the merit of awarding the event to Qatar in the first place. FIFA must be aware of the high temperature in Qatar beforehand. And earlier they accepted Qatar’s offer of holding the tournament in air-conditioned stadium and they later changed it. Why? After all these controversies and doubts, will the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 still be held in Qatar?

After analysing the facts that are available on public domains, it is clearly visible that institutional corruption was involved that lead to Qatar getting the rights to hold FIFA 2022. Qatar’s reputation can also affect as a country if these issues remain in news for long and the association doesn’t solve their issues. Will Qatar risk their reputation for the sake of holding the world cup?

There are many options FIFA can choose to gain trust like holding the FIFA in the summer season or re-voting for 2022 tournament.  Although, this has not been considered advisable for the players as it can affect their health. Re-voting can be considered as an option as far as public image is concerned.

Undoubtedly, Qatar has the ability to arrange such massive tournaments and it is a proud moment for the Qataris and Arab countries. One challenge that can remain with them is developing interest in local athletes of Qataris.

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This story is written by VEDANSHI KUMAR, Content Writer-Team Head, MyTravaly

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