Wish a Motorcycle journey : A travel poetry

MyTravaly_Logo  Sanjana Kajol 17 May, 2023 2 mins read 75
Wish a Motorcycle journey : A travel poetry

Hues of flavours of Italian spices

Basil plants all over the place

Tenderness to the delicacies

Reminiscence in every bit of Coco fantasies

It was Friday afternoon and time for a safari.

It was a wild forest of Italian recipes

There were a bunch of curious species.

All were in the hunt for the perfect season.

It was a teamwork of passion.

It was a bright sunny day, the charm of a tall man with a gentle smile made all colours look beautiful.

When we met each other it was wonderful.

The day was a festive sight, the conversations were about cuisine.

We made it tonight.

It was the plan of the time

We were together for the last time.

Since then I earthly desired to see you in line.

All I can say, is I blush for every dream I have about you We will make Dove fly high.

One day we shall be together and count the stars, listening to music we both enjoy.

Make our diaries on that motorcycle.

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Sanjana Kajol
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