About Us

Travel Industry is said to be the largest service industry in the world and in the growing modern age, it is only going up on the scale. As the human is turning modern each and every day in the monotonous world, we all seek an escape to the land of pleasure and relief for once in every while. And we call it a vacation.
Traveling to an unknown land or land that is not your home can have challenges catered for you starting from the travel tickets, accommodation options, what to do in the place, where to be, and the list never stops. This peculiar reason is what gave birth to the travel industry that assists vacation makers and travelers around the world to get their job done with ease.
While the reason for travel can be varied like a vacation, a wedding plan, a corporate purpose, work travel, a romantic getaway, or anything at all. We at MyTravaly understand your need and give you the freedom to choose the perfect accommodation out of thousands of options we have listed. Making it a priority that every traveler is served right, we provide you with the best deals of a luxury hotel stay, complimentary wi-fi, complimentary breakfast, and a lot of assistance.
Our experts make sure the hotel is completely reliable and safe for travelers before making partners with them. Ran by a group of motivated and enthusiastic individual who believes in making every single stay the most exuberant one for our travelers, we make sure there is not a single drop out of the place when you are enjoying your stay with us.
Spread in India and several other parts of world, we strive on growing every single day.

To help travelers curate the right plan for their stay, our travel lust writers go around, experience every bit of the city and help us in helping our clients in planning their itineraries as our travel writers make them familiar with the city.