About Us

MyTravaly is a worldwide travel technology company which focuses on finding the best solutions for problems faced by travellers and property owners. Years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry has put us in a unique position to identify the most urgent issues that need to be solved. We have made it our mission to empower travellers and property owners alike, and help them in simplifying their lives by using our products/services.

At MyTravaly, we provide products like Travel Metasearch Engine, Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Property Management System (PMS), Social Media Account Manager, User Management system, etc.

Our small but mighty team is led by Mr. Hamlet Roy (Founder and CEO of MyTravaly), who happens to be the genius behind the idea of MyTravaly. Under his leadership, we have grown from a small unknown startup to a powerful competitor giving the other travel tech companies a run for their money. With dedication and persistence, we hope to build amazing products and turn our company into a truly global brand.