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Devi Vilas Guest House
Devi Vilas Guest House, Udaipur

₹ 700/night Book now

Kandy PLR hotel
Kandy PLR hotel, Tirupati

₹ 2,300/night Book now

Hotel Gorbandh
Hotel Gorbandh, Udaipur

₹ 1,380/night Book now

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We curate a list of best hotels of the week keeping in mind various parameters for average customer reviews to discounts offered. Explore from our hotels of the week and save up to 50% on your hotel reservations.

Elite Homes
Elite Homes, Aurangabad

₹ 1,700/night Book now

Hotel Forest Avenue
Hotel Forest Avenue, Dehradun

₹ 2,500/night Book now

BM Residency
BM Residency, Chennai

₹ 1,700/night Book now

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Know-How Travel Startups has Managed to Deal With Pandemic
Know-How Travel Startups has Managed to Deal With Pandemic

With the COVID-19 outbreak, around 100 millions of travel jobs are facing a huge problem. The growth in the tourism industry of the past seven years has been lost in one

 What if you plan a trip to Lansdowne, Uttarakhand today?
What if you plan a trip to Lansdowne, Uttarakhand today?

The hill stations of North India are said to be the most visited vacation centres. And Lansdowne hill Station is well known among them. So if you had wished to visit

9 best things to in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
9 best things to in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

In India can you discover the pure blue ocean, undisturbed beaches, breath-taking woods, stunning corals, and ancient tribes? Absolutely, on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands

 Best 8 sweets in Kolkata to taste
Best 8 sweets in Kolkata to taste

Treat your taste buds by try these sweet dishes of Kolkata and fulfil your sweet cravings.

Pack Your Bags to Wonderful Trip Hampi That Seems Paradise
Pack Your Bags to Wonderful Trip Hampi That Seems Paradise

To visit the best tourist places in Karnataka, you should plan for Hampi.

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Shikha Kumari

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Support the causes that you care about & help an NGO to achieve their sustainable Goals.


Help us to help survivors of human trafficking to return home

NGO : Talaash Association

Campaigner : Pavani Priya Tirumalika

SDG : Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

₹ 3600 raised from ₹ 700000

Total Benificiaries : 70

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Urging funds for Childrens Orphanage and to cater their daily needs

NGO : Yuvatejam Trust , Tirupati

Campaigner : Shaik Karimulla

SDG : Zero Hunger

₹ 0 raised from ₹ 20000

Total Benificiaries : 50

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Travel stories are adventures, heart-touching and having life lessons; listen to these travel stories directly from MyTravaly community members

Exclusive Interview Of Mr Nand Kumar
Exclusive Interview Of Mr Nand Kumar, Bangalore

Today we have a very special guest among us. He is a young leader, an entrepreneur who dreamt of making a change in the hospitality industry. It is none other than Mr Nand Kumar Co founder of StayCart. who shares his journey as an entrepreneur challenges he faced, and some advice he shares for budding entrepreneurs.

Travel Diaries_Gopalpur And Where To Stay In..?
Travel Diaries_Gopalpur And Where To Stay In..?, Gopalpur

Gopalpur is a coastal town located on the southern boundary lines of Orissa. The place is situated near the Bay of Bengal and is considered as the top tourist destinations of the state. Thousands of tourists visit the place every month in order to get a glimpse of the exotic place. So if you have a plan to visit goplapur allow me to introduce you to an amazing hotel and resort named Pupil sea View Resort

Travel Diaries_Bhuvaneswar
Travel Diaries_Bhuvaneswar, Bhuvaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, lies in its coastal region, though not on the coast. It is located on the delta of the Mahanadi river. Together with Konark and Puri, it forms the Swarna Tribhuja or Golden Triangle of Odisha tourism. This city makes an ideal starting point for the traveller who wishes to explore the magnificence of Kalinga architecture, Book through My Travaly for hassle-free bookings

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