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Green Rose Homestay
Green Rose Homestay, Chikmagalur

₹ 2,500/night Book now

Hotel Rj Haveli
Hotel Rj Haveli, Mandi

₹ 900/night Book now

Hotel Grand Tulip
Hotel Grand Tulip, pune

₹ 3,600/night Book now

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River Near Coorg
River Near Coorg, Coorg

₹ 2,000/night Book now

2nd Home Hotels
2nd Home Hotels, Ghaziabad

₹ 999/night Book now

Hotel 7 Seas
Hotel 7 Seas, Anjuna

₹ 2,800/night Book now

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Read fascinating stories and enhance your knowledge about some of the best tourist’s attractions all over the world. Find a cause to travel these adventurous and unknown places with authentic stay and delicious food.

Know-How Travel Startups has Managed to Deal With Pandemic
Know-How Travel Startups has Managed to Deal With Pandemic

With the COVID-19 outbreak, around 100 millions of travel jobs are facing a huge problem. The growth in the tourism industry of the past seven years has been lost in one

Top 8 dishes to eat in Kolkata
Top 8 dishes to eat in Kolkata

He city of Kolkata is rich in food culture and there are almost every variety of dish being served in the city. From street food to restaurant food, you will it all here

The beginner's guide to FIFA world cup Qatar 2022
The beginner's guide to FIFA world cup Qatar 2022

When will tickets for the 2022 world cup go on sale? You need to know the Beginner's Guide.

Tips for Frequent Business Travellers
Tips for Frequent Business Travellers

Follow these tips on your next business trip and enjoy the hazel free journey.

Must Do Things in Bangkok
Must Do Things in Bangkok

Don’t leave Bangkok without giving a visit to these places.  Plan your trip in such a way that you cover everything and enjoy to the fullest. There is a lot more to do!

Community Posts

MyTravaly Admin Post

The #Dutch as well as The #British used this place as a #holiday spot, so they had left behind #lighthouses, #cemeteries, #churches, and other #monuments, mostly in ruins around the town.

Ankit Pravakar Post

Rajgir,Ropeway❤ _masiha_photography

MyTravaly Admin Post

Planning to visit Tamilnadu ??? The Great Living Chola temples recognised by the UNESCO for their marvelous structure and beauty are the must visit. Continue to read the entire blog on😁 #mytravaly #tamilnadu #UNESCO #temple

Travelers of the week

Our top-notch travelers sharing their journeys with MyTravaly.

Shikha Kumari
Shikha Kumari

I am Globe trotter and a travelspree who finds ways to explore as many places as possible and experience as many cultures possible. I love to connect with people of same interest.

Raju Das

Raju Das is a India based freelance photographer specializing in Child, Environmental portraiture and story based Photography. @rajudas17

Raju Das
Somya Aditi
Somya Aditi

I am still exploring of what I love but overacting, daydreaming and exploring various arts are some of the things I definitely love, welcome to my space:)

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Help us to help survivors of human trafficking to return home

NGO : Talaash Association

Campaigner : Pavani Priya Tirumalika

SDG : Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

₹ 3600 raised from ₹ 700000

Total Benificiaries : 70

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Urging funds for Childrens Orphanage and to cater their daily needs

NGO : Yuvatejam Trust , Tirupati

Campaigner : Shaik Karimulla

SDG : Zero Hunger

₹ 0 raised from ₹ 20000

Total Benificiaries : 50

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HOTEL NAKSHATRA, Karimganj, Assam

Hello All! Join us as we talk about the amenities that this hotel offers to its guests , also we talk about some tourist destinations near by. Happy listening.

Exclusive Interview Of Mr Nand Kumar
Exclusive Interview Of Mr Nand Kumar, Bangalore

Today we have a very special guest among us. He is a young leader, an entrepreneur who dreamt of making a change in the hospitality industry. It is none other than Mr Nand Kumar Co founder of StayCart. who shares his journey as an entrepreneur challenges he faced, and some advice he shares for budding entrepreneurs.

Travel Diaries_2 @Bhubaneswar And Best Place To Stay In
Travel Diaries_2 @Bhubaneswar And Best Place To Stay In , Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is the biggest city in Odisha. The city is famous for its ancient rich heritage especially its historic monumental temples. If you have plans to visit this marvel allow me to introduce you to a hotel located in centre of the city Bandhan Inn has been regarded as one of the best in Laxmisagar area, Bhubaneswar Book through my travaly website for hassle-free trips .

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