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Now choose your stay according to your preference. From finding a place for your dream destination or a mere weekend getaway to business accommodations or brief stay, we have got you covered. Explore hotels as per your mood.

J K Hotel
J K Hotel, Mahabaleshwar

₹ 1,750/night Book now

Hotel Shiva's
Hotel Shiva's, Kolhapur

₹ 1,800/night Book now

Kalarava Homestay
Kalarava Homestay, Sakleshpur

₹ 2,000/night Book now

MyTravaly’s Hotels of the week

We curate a list of best hotels of the week keeping in mind various parameters for average customer reviews to discounts offered. Explore from our hotels of the week and save up to 50% on your hotel reservations.

Hotel India Benares
Hotel India Benares, Varanasi

₹ 6,500/night Book now

Hotel Asia The Dawn
Hotel Asia The Dawn, Shimla

₹ 5,040/night Book now

Hotel Amrta
Hotel Amrta, Nagpur

₹ 2,599/night Book now

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   Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations outside India
Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations outside India

Honeymoon is one of the most memorable trips you will ever have. And what can be better than planning a romantic trip outside India? There are ample amounts of places!

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai and Pune
Weekend Getaway from Mumbai and Pune

Plan your relaxed weekend to these places and have a peace of mind forgetting about all the worries.

Hotel Thanga Grand: Modern Comfort and Convenient Location in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Hotel Thanga Grand: Modern Comfort and Convenient Location in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Hotel Thanga Grand: Modern comfort in Bengaluru. Conveniently located, well-appointed rooms, attentive staff. Nearby attractions, shopping, local food. Easy access from airport, railway, and bus. Pay at hotel or in advance.

Best hotels to stay in Coorg
Best hotels to stay in Coorg

Plan your trip to Coorg and choose your accomodation from this wide range of options

10 Best Things to Do in Dubai
10 Best Things to Do in Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai? Check Out These Amazing Best Things to Do in Dubai.

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Best Lesser Explored Hill Station_ Lansdowne
Best Lesser Explored Hill Station_ Lansdowne , Rajasthan

Sitting at an elevation of about 1700 m above the sea level amidst thick oak and pine forests, Lansdowne is a quaint hill-station in Pauri district of Uttarakhand. Lansdowne is a unique tourist place with many attractions. Lansdowne is one of the lesser known hill stations Book through My Travaly for Hassle-free booking Hotel Green Plams

Exclusive Interview Of Mr Nand Kumar
Exclusive Interview Of Mr Nand Kumar, Bangalore

Today we have a very special guest among us. He is a young leader, an entrepreneur who dreamt of making a change in the hospitality industry. It is none other than Mr Nand Kumar Co founder of StayCart. who shares his journey as an entrepreneur challenges he faced, and some advice he shares for budding entrepreneurs.

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