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[Karnataka, Banglore, 27-04-2020] My Travaly is a hub for travelers. From making your reservations to sharing your exquisite journeys, we serve just the right platter for our customers. When the entire world is observing a lockdown, travelers are forced to stay at home and planning a trip seems like a dream.
“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”
MyTravaly presents “ Closed Community for the Travellers”, a virtual destination to satisfy your travel bug. An amalgamation of reading, writing, and sharing. My Travaly’s closed community is a one-stop solution to relive those memories and share those travel insights to the world.
Our Community offers a platform where you can write your travel stories, share them across your social networking handles and promote your influencer life. It lets you create a profile which not only allows you to develop your content but also share it with the right set of audience, thus providing quality content for your target audience.
“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”
For the world is yet to discover a lot of places that you have come across, all you need is a platform to share your journey. The Community comes with a bunch of features that lets you monetize through your travel portfolio. Choose your favorite hotel and become their advocate through the community platform and earn money from your dream career.
MyTravaly advises you to stay at home and stay safe, and follow complete lockdown, but live your dream and guide the like-minded. Plan-Write-Decorate-Execute-Share, and we shall take care of the rest.
How to access: When: From 28-04-2020 using your mobiles, laptops, and tablets
Learn more about MyTravaly Closed Community at & for further assistance.

[Karnataka, Bangalore, 01-06-2020] MyTravaly, the platform for all things travel, is unveiling a new campaign, “He Travels savvy” and “She Travels Savvy”. Encouraging travelers and travel enthusiasts from around the world to narrate their fascinating experiences, the campaign treasures the diverse experiences of the travelers, which are unique and yet, united by the same passion for traveling. MyTravaly honors all those free-spirited individuals who walk their own path.
“The new world where social distancing is the new normal, then how will you travel?” All those travel savvy who are constantly gearing up for new journeys and want to lose themselves in the beauty of life will always find the doors of MyTravaly eternally open and welcoming. They can get together with like-minded people who share an inextinguishable passion for traveling and share their stories under #heTravelsSavvy or #sheTravelsSavvy campaign. Stories which made a difference in their life and may make a difference in the lives of fellow travelers as well.

“I believe ‘Community’ is the key to bring the world closer. That's why we started building the MyTravaly Closed community. This is a hub for local travelers where they share anything and everything about travel like local food, local stays, city life, nightlife and everything travel. Today, we introduced to the world the #heTravelsSavvy & #sheTravelsSavvy to connect with fellow travelers everywhere in order to bring the world closer”.

Mr.Hamlet Roy, Founder & CEO of
All those who believes in #heTravelsSavvy or #sheTravelsSavvy are welcome to share their Travels Savvy stories and engage themselves in our travel community to be part of a movement that aims to add a greater flare to the travel fellowship. Join our Closed Community that serves as a one-stop destination for everything travel. During this global epidemic Covid-19, the entire world is juggling with many thoughts, diversifying with new ideas, and creating a new world where social distancing is new normal. This is the best time to reveal the traveler in you, share if you are a #heTravelsSavvy or #sheTravelsSavvy.