6 best places to enjoy Navratri in India

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6 best places to enjoy Navratri in India

October is the month of the year when the festival season of our country begins. Lots of colourful, vibrant and most important festivals of the year take place during this month. It is officially the beginning of Autumn season which means it’s time to prepare oneself for the most charming and beautiful season of the year, Winter.

Talking about the festivals one such most awaited and celebrated festival of October is Navratri. The 9 days festival which is enjoyed by the people in numerous way, in different forms and different process. But one thing which is common is the unity and the respect to come together and celebrate it.

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In our country, Navratri is celebrated in various places in different forms. Here are the 6 places to enjoy Navratri in India.

West Bengal

In West Bengal Navratri is celebrated in form of Durga Pooja celebration. Durga Pooja is the most important and prominent festival of the state. Durga Pooja is celebrated in last four days of Navratri with lots of pomp and shows, vibrant colours and lights. Entire Kolkata is being decorated in such a way that it seems like it’s the birthday of the city of joy. Visit Kolkata to immerse yourself in this awaiting festival of the year.


For the people of Gujarat, Navratri is their festival. It is the only festival where people get the opportunity to ready in charming and colourful costumes dance perform Garba with their friends and family. Navratri of Gujarat is world famous and lots of people visit prominent places of the state such as Ahmedabad, Surat and Bhavnagar to witness the grand process of enjoying the festival. 

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Maharashtrians too immerse themselves in the festival of Navratri and the way of celebrating is quite similar to Gujarat. The reason is the quiet proximity of the both the states sharing same boundaries. In Maharashtra, people start shopping for new things in Navratri for their homes. Youngsters shop the traditional attire, visit big public grounds and clubs to play Garba with their friends and family. Also, married women invite their female friends and give them coconut and bettle leaf as gifts.


While in Delhi, head to Ram Lila Madan to enjoy the festival of Navratri. The capital city organizes Garba and Dandiya nights various venues which are flocked by youngsters. Also while being in Delhi, do not forget to watch the play of Ramleela organized in different parts of the city which is a key attraction for kids and elders. Your trip cannot end without eye witnessing the Ravan Dhan on the 9th day which is called the festival of Dusshera.

Uttar Pradesh

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, Navratri in a very unique way. Meaning of Navratri gets totally change here. People here immerse themselves in the spirituality by worshipping Lord Rama.

Some of the prominent cities where you can find this unique way of celebration are Ayodhya, Varanasi, Mathura and much more. Ghats are enlightening with diyas and people recite hymns of Ramchritramanas for all 10 days. Also the another notable feature is the traditional play of Ramleela, a play that depicts the entire life story of Lord Rama.


In Punjab, Navratri is celebrated in quite a unique way. Punjabi’s pay their absence to Durga Mata in form of fasting for 7 days. The fast is broken on the 8th of Navratri by calling 9 young girls (Kanjikas) to the house and offering them food, the day is called Ashtami.

Navratri is the best festival to showcase India’s vibrant culture and the grand celebration which brings all the people from different backgrounds together and enjoy this 9 days festival with great enthusiasm!

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