9 best things to in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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9 best things to in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Where in India can you discover the pure blue ocean, undisturbed beaches, breath-taking woods, stunning corals, and ancient tribes? Absolutely, on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands! The archipelago of islands is located about 1,000 km off the eastern coast of India in the Bay of Bengal and is a veritable tropical paradise.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands, with its diverse vegetation and wildlife, is guaranteed to take your breath away with its tranquility. While you're there, check out our suggestions for things to do in Andamans.

Beach Strolling

There is nothing more you can wish for than white sand, a view of the enormous Bay of Bengal, and a pure atmosphere. Beaches like Corbyn's Cove, Elephant Island, and Long Island, soaking up the sun should be a top priority in the Andamans. You may spend the entire day on any of the Andaman Islands' beaches.

They are peaceful and picturesque throughout the day that you won't want to leave for the entire day. Even though the islands are major tourist attractions, the beaches are not overcrowded and you can easily locate a sunbathing place.

Transposing Islands

Half-day excursions to Havelock Island and Ross Island off the shore of Port Blair are also enjoyable. Explore the Naval Museum, cemetery, and remnants of historical structures on Ross Island, or wander around Neil Island's beaches and try to catch the sunrise or sunset. These islands are a thing of beauty, with magnificent scenery glistening in the Bay of Bengal like diamonds. On these islands, you can engage in a variety of adventurous activities.

Ross & Smith Islands

The twin islands of Smith and Ross, linked by a slender, stunningly white sandbar, are among the best in the Andamans for diving and snorkelling. Smith is accessible by boat from Aerial Bay, 4 km away southwest, and requires no permissions.  

Theoretically, once you're on Smith, you'll need permission for Ross but since it's walkable from Smith, permits aren't always checked.

Havelock Island

The island is breathtakingly stunning and a pleasant place to rest, and it is home to one of Asia's most beautiful beaches, Radhanagar Beach. For the most stretch of the day, the beach, also known as Beach No. 7, is rather calm with only the sound of waves crashing on the coast.

Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is a great place to go snorkelling. After Jolly Bouy Island in Port Blair, it is one of the most popular snorkelling spots.

Neil Island

Neil Island is wonderful for a relaxing vacation due to its rich biodiversity, unspoiled coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and tropical rainforests. The little island is only 13.7 sq.km in area.

Neil can be bicycled about with little effort because of the flat terrain and compact size. The island is soothingly different from its adjacent Havelock, with its laid-back feel and clear appeal.

Water Sports

Banana boat rides, Parasailing, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Underwater Walking, Jet Skiing, and a variety of other activities are available. Every aquatic activity will undoubtedly increase your adrenaline surge to new heights. To keep your adventurous mood on, there are plenty of activities on Andaman's beaches, like dolphin viewing.

Coral Reefs

For the spectacular vistas of the Andaman's colourful coral reefs, go over to Jolly Buoy Island or Red Skin Island. Looking at anything from the last glacial epoch, when melting ice caused sea levels to rise and overwhelm the continental shelves is always fascinating.

Exploring the Earth's geographical area is a whole other journey. The islands are accessible to tourists for six months on each side.


ChidiyaTapu, also known as Andaman's Bird Island, is a picturesque spot with forests, mangroves, and a plethora of bird species. You will find the constant chirping of birds throughout the day, birds of many colours, shapes, and sizes moving from tree to tree in search of food or simply relaxing.

If you are a passionate nature lover, birding is one of the most fantastic activities you can do while on vacation in the Andamans. Parakeets, drongos, doves, eagles, and a variety of many other birds have made this island their home.

Hiking and Trekking

Andaman isn't typically related to trekking, but Madhuban 20 km from Port Blair by boat is the ideal place. Madhuban is an explorer's paradise, with lush green rainforests, indigenous vegetation and wildlife, and incredible natural beauty.

The most popular route is from Madhuban to Mount Harriet and it is the archipelago's highest point. The zig-zag pathways, wooden bridges, and dense forest cover all around you compel your attention.

Capturing Bioluminescence

Witnessing one of nature's most exquisite treats is Bioluminescence, maybe one of the most exciting things to do in Andaman. Havelock Island is one of the numerous destinations to visit in Andamanhas an abundance of bioluminescence along the beaches, the only catch is that you must be there on a moonless night. This natural phenomenon can be found on the beach or kayaking excursions for a more up-close experience.

Museum Entourage

There are several wonderful museums in Port Blair. The Anthropological Museum depicts the four Negrioto tribes of Andamanese, Jarawas, Sentinels, and Onges, while the Samudrika Marine Museum showcases the islands' biodiversity. It is maintained by the Indian navy in the Andaman region, and the Forest Museum on Chatham Island is accessible to Port Blair by a road bridge that has a British-built sawmill.

Cellular Jail

The jail which was once known as kaala-paani (black water), was used by the British to hold political prisoners. V.D. Savarkar was the most prominent freedom fighter to be imprisoned here. It's always fascinating to reflect on our pre-independence history and this jail is one of the living reminders of that era's existence. One may readily envision the horrors that the captives at Kaala Paani went through while they were confined behind those iron bars.

If you are touring the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you must pay a visit to all these places. Between October and May is the best time to visit Andamans. Although you may visit the island at any time of year, these are the ideal months to visit.

You can buy several local handicrafts in Andaman such as Wooden Artefacts, Shell ornaments, Coconut carved decorative pieces and Pearl Jewellery. These lovely islands in the Indian Ocean are popular tourist destinations throughout the year. It includes a variety of white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, sunny summer weather with a few showers now and then, and delightful tropical weather all year.

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