Best places to spruce up your taste buds in Lucknow

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The famous ‘City of Nawabs’ is a well-liked eating place by people from all over the world. To get a feeling of what all Nawabs ate in their time, do visit Lucknow. The land of navabs has ample amount of Cuisines. Be it food for vegetarians or mouth-watering non-veg food, Lucknow is a total paradise!

Even if you don’t see yourself as an epicure, Lucknow’s authentic food will make you one. While you can wander around the streets for shopping, grab your favourite which will take you to food heaven. The culinary world of ‘City of Nawabs’ is a place you must step in. The taste will tempt you to visit again.

The city is famous for its diversity in non-vegetarian food but what people don’t talk about is the variety it offers for vegetarians. Every corner of the city has an exotic variety of cuisines for the vegetarians equally.

Here’s a hand-curated list of places in Lucknow you should visit and spruce up your taste buds and start drooling!

Tunday Kababi

If you are in Lucknow and you don’t visit Tunday Kababi, then your visit goes to waste. Offering the best kababs for non-veg foodies, the kababs are uniquely spiced. With a special parathan or rumali roti, the kababs will taste more scrumptious. Both bade and chote kababs remain the speciality. All the lip-smacking food at Tunday Kababi is cheap and you can eat without drilling a hole in your pocket. Once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop yourself. The different branches of Tunday Kababi offer different types of kababs so you can get an essence of all.

#MyTravaly’s food tip: There are many copies of Tunday Kababi in Lucknow. Make sure you visit the original one situated in Chowk and Aminabad.

Idris ki Biryani

When mutton excites your taste buds and the well-cooked flavoured rice runs in your blood, then Idris ki Biryani has to be an essential part of your itinerary. Serving the fragrance of mutton biryani, Idris ki Biryani has the best biryani is Lucknow. Though the entire Lucknow gives the taste of mouth-watering biryani but if you visit Idris, you will feel heavenly. The place is famous for mutton biryani but the chicken biryani is equally delicious and one should definitely taste that too.

#MyTravaly’s food tip: It is a typical Dhaba, you can’t sit there and eat. So wait outside for few minutes after placing your order and then take the parcel home with a coca-cola.

Prakash ki kulfi

No taste is complete without the famous Prakash ki Kulfi. Its amazing bright yellow colour with white Faluda will make you visit them again. They only serve Kulfi-Faluda and are known worldwide. You can never get enough of the taste and your stomach will never be filled with the taste. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, do try the amazing Kulfi. They serve their customers within seconds and they keep eating for hours. They initially have one branch in Aminabad but due to high demand, they opened an outlet in Gomti Nagar. So, after having an amazing meal, rush to Prakash ki Kulfi for amazing desserts.

Chole Bhature at Chowk

No one can resist when it comes to Chole Bhature and when they are from Chowk, there is no chance of denying it. The crispy hot Bhatures are served with sizzling spicy Choles with will make your mood even more jolly. At Chowk, Chole Bhatures are finger-licking and one must try the delicious plate. With onions and lemons, the taste becomes more delectable. You can ask for more servings until your taste buds are satisfied.

#MyTravaly’s food tip: They serve only in the evening and morning. Also, you have to line up early because there is a crowd even before they start serving. So, go early to taste the iconic Chole Bhature.

Sharma Tea Stall

Tea lovers, this is the place for you! When in the morning when you crave for morning tea or in the evening when you get tired after shopping, Sharma Tea stall is where you have to land up. The fresh Bun-Mukkhan and Chai is something people come to eat from a distance to eat. Their samosa is also worth tasting. The masala aloo inside the samosa will melt in your mouth. Your can have it with a sip of tea. You tummy will be full in just a little amount. The first stall is located in Hazratganj and now they have one more in Aliganj.

Be it authentic Awadhi cuisine or vegetarian North Indian food, the places in Lucknow will never end. There are ample amount of restaurants you can visit like The Big Daddy, Moti Mahal Restaurant, Mint Lounge, Pirates of Grill, Royal Cafe, The Urban Terrace, Cairo Tales, Dastarkhwan and many more. These are a little expensive but they serve enticing and finger-licking food.

Plan your next trip to Lucknow and taste the amazing flavours of the place. For your travel plan, visit MyTravaly and book your hotel to stay now!

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