Book Hotels In Multiple Cities While Travelling With One Itinerary

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Book Hotels In Multiple Cities While Travelling With One Itinerary

Planning your travel itinerary can be exciting, but it doesn't mean it would be easy every time. Choosing the right travelling partner for hotel booking will make it a lot easier. MyTravaly is your Travel buddy to make the itinerary smooth and trouble-free. MyTravaly concentrates on saving efforts and making your journey flawless. 

Many Travellers make their travel plans complicated by booking through multiple channels and end up with confusing plans. That’s why we are for you, MyTravaly makes your plan full proof.
MyTravaly allows you to book hotels in multiple cities with a few simple clicks. You can book from anywhere and anytime. 

The OTA platform is very huge but sometimes complex for people. Educating and making understanding to common people is our goal. MyTravaly focuses on the user experience to make a hotel booking simple and settled. 

Let’s look at the benefits of hotel booking with MyTravaly while you are travelling to multiple cities:

 Find Details in One Place

If you are going to each property’s website or trying to use different OTA platforms for hotel booking to visit multiple cities, isn’t that time-consuming and takes a lot of effort? At Mytravaly, we are here to save your time and efforts. Now, you don’t have to scroll through different tabs, just to get the entire hotel booking details. With our platform, you can book hotels for multiple cities and get all the information in a single place.

Hotels at one-search

Searching for hotels in your desired location is very easy. Mytravaly is emollient to your itinerary; our goal is to make your travel journey enjoyable. On our platform, you get many hotel options in every price range. You can also compare hotel rates and sort the pricing from low to high. You also get ratings and reviews for the hotels to make your decision-making simple. In just a few clicks you see multiple hotel options and book it. 

Customize your Booking

It is the best thing when customers get what they want. Many travellers these days want their hotel booking customized in terms of type of rooms, view or amenities. So MyTravaly offers you every type of customising you want and which is feasible. Many travellers want a shorter or longer stay so that’s also possible with us. Staycation is in demand with us because of the turning situation. You can also get in touch with us via hotline, email or video conferencing to customise your booking.         

Affordable & Comfortable Stay

The motto of MyTravaly is to make the guest comfortable with overwhelming services and breath-taking amenities. MyTravaly offers you hotel booking for cheaper rates than the other platforms. We don’t compromise with your comfort and provide you best services at lesser rates. You can also find an easier stay at couple-friendly hotels with us. We have a plethora of options to stay from affordable to luxurious ones.   

More Offer and Discounts 

Everyone in the traveller’s community is looking for more offers and discounts. So, Mytravaly always has offers for guests. We provide you with amazing offseason or seasonal discounts. We have the best deals for loyal customers, who regularly use our platform for hotel booking. On advance booking, you get extensive discounts but we also give discounts on a last-minute booking.  

Safety and Hygiene is the priority

The safety and hygiene of our customers are more important than ever. We follow all the COVID-19 norms and provide hygienic services to you with the cleanest rooms.
We provide a bunch of sanitized hotels with skilled staff, which follows all the COVID- 19 norms. Our partner hotels have a safe and hygienic space with the daily sanitization of rooms, regularly disinfecting of common areas, clean bedding, practising of social distancing, guest and temperature check of guest and staff. You can choose the well-sanitized hotel from a wide collection.

Free Cancellations and Refund  

Free cancellations and fast refunds system are available. If you cancel during the specified time frame, you will get a full refund. The paid subscription guest can enjoy a 100% refund after the cancellation. We also allow the guest to do modifications after the booking.  Cancellation charges can vary depending on the specific accommodation where you have booked your stay. We recommend that you always review the cancellation and return policies of the accommodations. We request you to always check the cancellation and refund policy as per the accommodation. We provide a refund in lesser time with the fastest mode. 

All of the benefits of booking through MyTravaly would be meaningless if you didn’t have access to the best properties. So, MyTravaly offers the best hotel options in multiple cities.  We allow you to book the hotel in multiple cities while travelling with one itinerary. We are the best when it comes to affordable, hygienic & comfortable stays. So, let’s start booking with MyTravaly right away!

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