Check out the amazing places in Bangalore for Shopping 2021

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Check out the amazing places in Bangalore for Shopping 2021

Don’t Indians love subtle style with Pops of colours in every season?  And therefore it is not a secret in the world that Indians love shopping. Every corner of India offers some amazing places from where you can fill up your wardrobes and Bangalore tops the list for shopaholics. The markets in Bangalore offer something unique and you can’t resist taking a bundle of it home.

A city known for its nightlife and excitement doesn’t stay back on the when it comes to shopping. With culture-rich markets and street-side shopping, Bangalore has made a place in the hearts of shopaholics.
Markets in Bangalore remain one of the favourite choices for tourists because the blend of new and old fashion attracts them.

While shopping on streets and markets, you can grab your favourite food and beverages. All the street markets offer amazing lip-smacking food which one should try. Because shopping sets in every girl’s soul, Bangalore has made sure that no one goes disappointed from the markets.

Here’s a list of markets that one should visit to enhance their wardrobe collection in Bangalore:

  • M.G Road: Famous for Brass items, Sandalwood and Rosewood, M.G Road is a street market and is a very popular go-to place in Bangalore. When you haunt beautiful handicrafts in the market, take out time and visit some stores and witness the beautiful sarees. You should especially visit the Prasiddi and Deepam Silk stores which offer sarees abundance and high-quality product. The place is crowded at 7 pm, so if you want to do shopping with ease, visit sometimes in the evening or afternoon. You can also do window shopping, then decide and buy them later. M.G Road has the oldest bookstore in the city. So it is a perfect place for book lovers as well.
  • Chickpet Market: One of the oldest adventurous streets in Bangalore, Chickpet Market is famous especially for Silk Sarees. It is a 400-year-old market and when people look for quality and variety; this is the place they land up. The market also has a plethora of dress materials which you can get stitched whichever way you want. Also, the shops do not have a fixed price, so you can bargain accordingly. Head to Raja Market if you wish to buy some beautiful gold and silver jewelery designs. It is a very crowded market with small lanes and you have to make your way through them. The market opens from 9 to 9 and visiting the market would be worth it.
  • Malleswaram Market:  With fresh fragrant flowers visit the traditional Malleshwaram Market. The aroma will fill up your senses and you can buy flowers for any purpose. The flowers include sunflowers, roses, mogra and chrysanthemums. The market is also famous for herbs, spices and vegetables. Nearby the market, there is a famous Kaadu Malleswara Temple located. The market is also famous because of the temple. You should stop yourself in between your trip and buy some amazing handicrafts, spices and utensils also. The market has a touch with old-tradition and so you would feel close to your roots. You can visit the place anytime between 9 am to 9 pm.
  • VR Mall: Designed like a big black box, the VR Mall is very famous and easily recognized by tourists. This isn’t cheap as the street markets so stop here if you love high-end fashion and you are ready to spend some money. With big-screen cinema halls and branded stores, there are a lot of stores which will help you enhance your wardrobe. The VR Mall is famous for H&M, PVR Mall and, SuperDry. You have to allow yourself a little splurge and then visit the high-end place.  You can visit the mall between 10:30 AM to 10 PM.
  •  Commercial Street: A market full of diversity is how one of the famous markets of Commercial Street can be defined. It is diverse in the range of quality and price. You will find the costliest of clothes to the cheap ones, everything there. The speciality of this market is that the cheap clothes are also available with supreme quality. Look for antique pieces at affordable prices and linen clothes for your house. Garments, imitation jewelery, sports goods and, footwear are items made available to you. If you are good at Bargaining, then the place is a perfect fit for you.  For key-chains and gift items visit Asiatic Arts and Crafts and for western wear visit Reliance Trendy Marts.

Spoil yourself a little and plan a week trip to Bangalore for some amazing shopping experience. Not only shopping but Bangalore is a hub for nightlife. Even if you are interested in culture and history, you must visit Bangalore. Pack your bags this holiday and make your travel plans with MyTravaly.

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