Exploring the Backwaters of Kerala: Serenity and Houseboat Adventures

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Exploring the Backwaters of Kerala: Serenity and Houseboat Adventures

In the southwestern part of India, lies a paradise of tranquility and natural beauty: the backwaters of Kerala. Canals run past beautiful towns, lush paddy fields, and magnificent coconut groves. These intricate networks of lakes, canals, and rivers provide an unforgettable experience for those seeking a journey filled with peace, scenic beauty, and most importantly, memories. A houseboat adventure is one of the best ways to experience this wonderful region.
In this post, we'll explore the mesmerizing world of Kerala's backwaters, exploring the serenity they provide and the wonderful experiences that may be experienced aboard a traditional houseboat.

Kerala Backwaters

The backwaters of Kerala are a complex network of interconnecting waterways that stretches for over 900 km. These breathtaking bodies of water are produced by the amalgamation of various rivers, including the famous Vembanad Lake, Kerala's biggest lake. The backwaters not only serve as a mode of travel for the residents but also offer a look into rural Kerala's calm rhythm of life. You may see fisherman throwing their nets, housewives washing clothes by the banks, and children joyfully playing in the water as you glide through the calm waters. The harmonious relationship of nature and humans is very appealing. 

Houseboat Experience

A houseboat journey is a must to truly immerse yourself in the peacefulness of Kerala's backwaters. These ancient wooden canoes, known as "kettuvallams," have been turned into cozy floating houses with modern amenities. Stepping onboard a houseboat is like entering a floating paradise of peace.

​​You can chill on the sundeck as the houseboat glides through the waterways, soaking in the warm tropical sun and enjoying the gorgeous view. The mild breeze conveys the aroma of spices and the melody of birdsong, creating a calming symphony for the senses. It is a wonderful vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Backwater Destinations in Kerala


Alleppey, commonly known as Alappuzha, is a spellbinding location for its enthralling backwaters. Alleppey is well-known for its complex network of canals, lagoons, and lakes. Exploring Alleppey's backwaters is a calm and intriguing experience that allows visitors to observe the harmonious coexistence of nature and human life. Alleppey's backwaters present a scenic environment, covered with swaying palm trees, emerald-green paddy fields, and the calming symphony of water softly caressing the beaches, from cruising on traditional houseboats to engaging in the colourful local culture.


Kollam is a town in Kerala's southernmost region. Kollam, known as the "Gateway to the Backwaters," provides a unique and authentic experience for those seeking peace and quiet. The highlight of Kollam's backwaters is Ashtamudi Lake, a huge and gorgeous body of water. Visitors may see the beautiful green landscapes, coconut trees, and picturesque towns that surround the coastlines while cruising along its winding canals and calm lakes.


Kumarakom's backwaters provide a serene and magical experience for those seeking peace and natural beauty. The network of canals, lagoons, and islands creates a magnificent setting, complete with lush foliage, swinging coconut trees, and a plethora of wildlife. Visitors can take a houseboat ride through the quiet waters, seeing local life and relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere. Kumarakom's backwaters offer an exquisite background for unwinding, reconnecting with nature, and immersing oneself in Kerala's backwater paradise.


Kochi, formerly known as Cochin, is well-known for its distinct blend of history, culture, and breathtaking backwaters. The backwaters of Kochi provide a unique and lovely experience for visitors. Visitors can visit the well-known Fort Kochi region, cruise along the calm waterways, and see the renowned Chinese fishing nets. 

It is a must-see destination for an unforgettable backwater adventure.


Thiruvallam, near Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil backwater experience. Thiruvallam's backwaters are formed by the merging of the Karamana River and the Arabian Sea. Thiruvallam's backwaters offer a calm escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and experience the peacefulness of Kerala's backwater beauty.


Kozhikode, popularly known as Calicut, is a charming city on Kerala's Malabar Coast that offers a distinct backwater experience. The Kozhikode backwaters are created by the confluence of the Kallai River and the Arabian Sea. Kozhikode's backwaters provide a calm escape for nature enthusiasts with its serene canals, mangrove forests, and picturesque splendour. Boat rides along the calm waters, traditional fishing skills, and coastal charm are all available to visitors. The backwaters of Kozhikode provide a relaxing vacation, allowing tourists to unwind among nature's beauty while immersing themselves in the coastal charms of this dynamic city.

Wrapping up words

A houseboat ride across Kerala's backwaters is a unique tour that captures peacefulness and gives amazing experiences. It allows tourists to connect with nature, experience vibrant local life, and take pleasure in the region's culinary delicacies. The backwaters of Kerala capture explorers seeking peace and beauty, from the quiet rivers to the charming villages and intriguing vistas. A journey to this enchanting location promises a vacation from the chaos of modern life, leaving you with treasured memories that last a lifetime.

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