Exploring the Delectable Delights of Indore Street Food

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Exploring the Delectable Delights of Indore Street Food

Hello! fellow Foodies, Welcome to my food blog where I will take you on a delectable street food tour of Indore. The vibrant city of Indore is also known as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh in India, is not only famous for its historical monuments and vibrant culture but also for its mouthwatering street food. The city boasts a diverse and delectable range of culinary delights that have earned it the title of "Street Food Capital of India." Indore street food is a true gastronomic adventure that takes you on a journey through an array of flavors, aromas, and textures.

So without any further delay let’s dive into the world of Indore street food and explore some of its most iconic dishes.

Poha Jalebi

We begin our culinary expedition with the quintessential breakfast of Indore, Poha Jalebi. Poha, flattened rice cooked with onions, spices, and topped with sev (crunchy fried noodles), is a popular dish in central India. It is often paired with sweet jalebis, deep-fried pretzel-like spirals soaked in sugar syrup. The contrasting flavors of the spicy poha and the sugary jalebi create a harmonious blend that will leave you craving for more.

Sarafa Bazaar Night Food Market

Indore's Sarafa Bazaar transforms into a street food paradise as the sun goes down. The narrow lanes come alive with food stalls serving an astounding variety of dishes. From Indori Sabudana Khichdi (sago pearls cooked with spices) and Bhutte Ka Kees (grated corn sautéed with spices) to Garadu (deep-fried yam), the choices are endless. Don't miss out on the famous Indori Khopra Patties (potato patties coated with desiccated coconut) and the refreshing Shikanji (lemonade) to cleanse your palate.

Indori Pohe

Indore takes immense pride in its version of pohe, which is slightly different from the traditional Maharashtrian preparation. Indori Pohe is flavored with an array of spices like turmeric, cumin, and mustard seeds. The addition of fennel seeds, sev, and pomegranate seeds gives it a unique taste and texture. Indori Pohe is often served with jalebis or crispy puffed rice called "Jada."


Indore's love affair with Kachoris is legendary. The city is famous for its piping hot and crispy kachoris stuffed with various fillings like spicy lentils, peas, or aloo (potato). These deep-fried delicacies are typically served with tangy tamarind chutney and spicy green chutney. Do try the famous Sarafa Bazaar Kachoris, and you'll understand why they are so highly revered.

Indori Bhutta (Corn)

If you ever get a chance to visit Indore during the monsoon season, make sure to savor the mouthwatering Indori Bhutta. Juicy corn cobs are roasted over charcoal and generously smeared with a mixture of spices, lemon juice, and salt. The smoky flavor combined with the tanginess and the crunch of the corn kernels creates a delightful sensory experience that will leave you craving more.

Wrapping Up Words

Indore's street food scene is a testament to the city's rich culinary heritage and the love of its people for good food. Indore offers a gastronomic adventure from the humble Poha Jalebi to the flavorful Kachoris and the indulgent Sarafa Bazaar Night Food Market. The city's street food is not only a treat for the taste buds but also an insight into its vibrant culture and traditions. 

So, if you ever find yourself in Indore, be prepared to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey that will leave you longing for more of its mouthwatering delights.

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