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"Please teach your staff how to talk to customers...not a single cooperative staff!!"

"Deluxe labelled hot water but only cockroaches…"

"Unhygienic bathrooms, dusty mattresses and ignorant staff… definitely not recommended"

These were some common reviews which people give on an unpleasant hotel experience. We have a usual opinion of flawless stays at hotels but somehow people who have had extensive travel and hotel stay experiences admit that they have faced such problems occasionally even at the most lavish of hotels.
While hotels tend to manage everything with detail, sometimes problems can occur due to various reasons: negligent staff, time shortage, sudden occurrences and so on. Here are the most common inconveniences guests face and what you need to look out for while staying at a hotel:


Cleanliness isn't a want but 'need' at hotels because it hosts thousands of guests in a year and after witnessing the pandemic, the level of hygiene can only be improved in this industry and in no way could be compromised upon. A room can be maintained easily even at a budgetary guest house through proper guidance and regular check by the managerial staff. All the switches, remotes, toilets, specially flush handles, towels, hair dryer, telephone handles can have the highest amount of germs. Germs and bacteria can be the concern of anxiety for many people therefore you can check these things before booking a hotel. Make an extensive research about the reviews related to hygiene and cleanliness and check the stars or ratings. You can also make sure if the hotel has hygiene standard certifications. Upon entering the hotel, carefully examine the interiors. Only stay if it appears satisfactory. If something bothers you, bring it to the attention of the staff. 

Bad Food

Some common issues relating to food can be less options on the menu, inappropriate pricing, hygiene problems, unavailability of menu on the website and so on, can be inconvenient for customers. In other cases, the food may simply not be delicious, in that case one has to move out or get food from outside the hotel which is too much of an inconvenience. In that case always prefer checking the menu on the website and if not available, try checking some authentic photos and reviews related to the food. Check if it is satisfactory or conveys the sense of maintained standards through the images and videos (if available). You can also call and ask the manager about the quality and management of the food at their hotel. If you couldn't judge with the above scrutinization, along with check in you can start by ordering a light starter of your choice and then you are good to go!


Hotel industry needs constant adaptations with technology to keep up with evolution. Especially after witnessing the pandemic the advancement in technologies have emerged as the boon to the current landscape with human interaction at a minimum. Hotels unable to receive payments or find the reservation due to double booking or other technical glitches can cause the guests to explode out of rage and give every right to demand an explanation. Outdated technicalities and software also cause inconveniences like repeated data entries, manual work upon every check in and check out, and is troublesome to the tired guests. Nowadays, guests are used to the ease and comfort of handling and receiving everything with a single touch and that too personalized due to the detailed tracking of customer preference data. Make sure to do a detailed analysis of the hotel's website. By examining the website you will easily guess the level of advancement in their software - the more seamless, user-friendly and options available - the more updated is the hotel in terms of technology.


Location plays an important role when choosing a hotel, it mainly depends upon the reason for staying. If you want to attend an official work you should choose a location accordingly in a convenient area and closer to the landmark. If you are travelling for leisure, you may choose a place near a lot of attractions and where transportation is available. You may also avoid the buzz of the city life and choose a place away from the city centre. If for health concerns, you already know the answer! In any case do not end up booking a hotel far away from your destination as the additional commute can cost you both time and money.

Unpleasant Staff

Unpleasant treatment from staff is the last thing one expects. Hospitality professionals are expected to be trained to resolve issues and pacify guests' concerns. In Spite of that, rude replies and unhelpful service is a huge turn off and surprisingly the most common complaint in hospitality. Check out the reviews related to the staff behaviour. You can always approach the manager if something or someone bothers you. 

Now when talking about avoiding inconveniences related to accommodation in travelling, the conversation is certainly incomplete without At MyTravaly, we earnestly welcome you to find your Epic stay and assist you in booking, cancelling and choosing perfect accommodation according to your needs out of the number of options that are listed. We provide great deals, lavish stays along with devoted assistance. MyTravaly experts make sure of the requirements of the travellers and try to personalize the comfort and luxury, and ensure travellers an enthralling experience on their trip. 

Cleanliness is always our top most priority, especially in the wake of the pandemic we understand that hygiene is the leading factor when a guest chooses an accommodation. Therefore we've partnered with the hosts only after ensuring a hygienic environment and a quality sanitization on a regular basis as well as maintaining an excellent safety standard.

Comfort makes a stay enjoyable which can be achieved through proper maintenance. With customer's trust placed upon us, we ensure a warm and cozy sleep after the most adventurous exploration across the city.  

We know Location is important to you and therefore host a range of options for you to choose from our website. We guide you safely even to the most remote of the resorts to help you enjoy your vacation and share your views on our online space. We focus on building trust with our customers and provide credible and authentic information about their choice. We make sure that our customers are served with care and have a pleasant experience all the while.

We assist our customers with all our heart and provide reliable Assistance and Support. We have got your back for every decision you make for your stay. You can reach us today for booking an epic stay and to know more about our service. 

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