Here’s everything you need to know about Delhi

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Here’s everything you need to know about Delhi

When you sit back and think of a city which offers everything, what comes to your mind? Delhi would be the first name that will come into most people’s mind because #whynot? Isn’t it a place blended with history and metropolitan culture? One of the most historical cities in India, it has a lot of tourist attractions. A glorious city which offers everything will freshen up your mind.

A mixture of traditional and modern concepts blended with a lot of fun factors. Delhi also remains on top for food delights and every food lover loves the delicacy the place offers. Delhi is like a magnet that attracts tourists and localities to come and explore it.

Whether you are a shopping spree or a foodie or you are someone who just loves walking around, then Delhi is a must-visit place for you. To help visitors know more about Delhi, here’s everything you need to know about Delhi with a few #MyTravaly’s travel tips.

Visit Central Delhi’s Connaught Place

Filled with shops, pubs and restaurants, Connaught Place is the heart of Delhi. The market is divided into blocks and the shops offer everything you would want to fill your houses with. From typical street shops to high luxurious brands, the market has everything in its huge lanes. If you are good at bargaining, visit the Janpath market which is just 2 min walk from Connaught Place. It is a proper street shopping market and has designer-modern clothes and accessories, especially for girls. You will also find mouth-watering street food in the same area or if you want to take the experience of high-end restaurants, you will also find them. 

#MyTravaly’s travel tip: Visit Bangla Sahib and Birla Mandir near Connaught Place. The coffee lovers should definitely taste Depaul’s Cafe and try the iconic coffee.

For a perfect evening, visit Hauz Khas Village

A perfect place for youngsters, the Hauz Khas village is a major attraction for a perfect evening. The evening lines up with the trendiest restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy whole-heartedly. Drinking, dancing, singing and delicious cuisines are everything you will find in the HKV. It is a full enjoyment party paradise and has an impressive menu. Many cafes arrange live singing and concerts for the enjoyment of their customers. The village also has art galleries. So, if you are someone with a similar interest, do visit as it is one of the most famous art galleries in Delhi. It is a well-known place from medieval time as it has a remarkable history. So the place is also for people interested to know about culture and history. There are countless cafes and boutiques for tourists.

#MyTravaly’s travel tip: People who want to explore the Hauz Khas Village, visit between 10.30 am to 7.30 pm, and youngsters who want to party at pubs and bars can visit till 1.00 am. You will need 3 to 4 hours to explore the entire village.

Take few days out and explore the historical monuments

Jama Masjid: Between the hustle-bustle of the city lies the Jama Masjid and one should never leave Delhi without visiting Jama Masjid. You can enjoy the old bazaars and lanes around the Masjid in a rickshaw. The amazing Karem’s restaurant is also nearby for your food cravings.

Qutub Minar: The monument is situated in Mehrauli and one must visit the place when they visit Delhi. Qutub Minar looks amazing from far and it is visible from rooftops of many buildings. As you move closer to it, you will get Goosebumps when you witness the real elegance of it. You can plan a picnic with your children in the parks nearby.

Humayun’s Tomb: Situated in Nizamuddin East, lies the Humayun’s Tomb. When you visit the Tomb you will realise how it gives a feeling of the Mughal Emperor. It is built with red sandstone and has beautiful architecture. You can also visit Purana Quila, which is 10 minutes from Humayun Tomb.

 You can also visit Lotus Temple, India Gate and Red Fort and gain knowledge about the amazing historical places.

Taste the flavors of Delhi at different places

No matter which reason you travel to Delhi, food should always top your list. From creamy butter chicken to the best vegetarian food, Delhi offers food in a bundle. You will never get tired of tasting food in Delhi and food lovers will never get disappointed. Foodie heaven for foodie lovers is how Delhi is fabricated. Let’s be fair, any travel is incomplete without food and so it is necessary to know about different flavors Delhi offers.

From breakfast to lunch, dinner to snacks or random food cravings, there is something on the plate for everyone. Some of the places where you can sample the best food in Delhi are:

  • Naivedyam, Hauz Khas Village

 #MyTravaly’s food tip: Try amazing South Indian dishes like South Indian Thali, Mysore Rava Masala Dosa and the famous Filter Coffee.

  • Suruchi, Karol Bagh

#MyTravaly’s food tip: Someone who loves Indian food of different cultures should definitely visit the place and taste the mouth-watering Rajasthani and Gujarati Thali.

  • Big Chill, Khan Market

#MyTravaly’s food tip: For pizza and pasta lovers, this will be your go-to place. You should definitely try any of their pizzas and Belgium shakes.

  • Biryani by kilo, Gurgaon

Serving the fragrance of biryani in Handis, Biryani by kilos will give your family the best taste. You can try any of their non-veg biryani

#MyTravaly’s food tip: Keep a glass of water handy if you are not a spice person. 

Because one single trip to Delhi won’t be sufficient for you to discover the entire place, you should definitely plan for another. Travelers would never get enough of Delhi when it comes to shopping, food or historical places. Aren’t you excited? Plan your trip with MyTravaly and book your hotels now for an amazing stay!

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