Here are the exciting things to do when you visit Bilaspur, Himachal

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Here are the exciting things to do when you visit Bilaspur, Himachal

Thinking about flying somewhere in the north?? Bilaspur is the destination you would love during the season. Nestled in between the Himalayan hills, known for its scenic beauty, Bilaspur is one of the places perfect for a peaceful outing. Not only the historical and religious attractions you can even explore most adventurous activities.   Here are the things you'd need to know before visiting the place.

The Bhakra Nangal dam , four decade old dam and is the highest state gravity dam in the world. The dam attracts 2-3 lakhs tourists every year. It is also Asia's second tallest 225.55 metres.
The dam also supplies electricity to the entire region and also helps industries and corporate houses etc.

Gobind sagar lake is a manmade reservoir was built in 1976. It's location between the Himalayan ranges, it is known for its flora, fauna and the range of species of fish available to see. The lake is home to a large number of habitats such as panther, wolf, samber, hyena, sloth bear, nilgai, chikana etc.

 Koldam Dam-Built on the famous river satluj, is surrounded by natural beauty. The first choice of picnickers, the view of the massive construction of the dam appears splendid. It was originally built to provide electricity to National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC).

 The famous fort of bachhretu lies in western slope of kotdwar. It offers a peaceful environment and magnificent view of Govindpur sagar and the surrounding hills.

  Kahlur fort lies in nanda devi hills and is a site well known for historical significance. The fort is square structure built of stones and massive in height as well as width. It was built by Raja-bir Chand and is currently a ruin.

This famous Markandeya Rishi temple holds significance for couples who are childless. Taking a dip in the holy spring is said to cure infertility and infant diseases. The place is also known for the picturesque surroundings and beauty. Couples from far away visit the temple to worship Markandeya ji for long life and well-being of their children.

Bahadurpur fort This port is perched on Bahadurpur hill at height of 6200 feet. The site is famous for its picturesque beauty.

 Vyas cave is one of the oldest religious places of Bilaspur, The caves are set between pine and juniper forests. Maharishi Vyas rishi idon is set up in the cave.

 The Kandraur bridge is about 280 meters in breadth and about 80 meters from the lowest river bed below. It is one of the highest bridges in the world and ranks 1st in Asia for height.

 Tiun and sriun forts the area of this fort is around 14 hectares; the fort is said to have served as a prison to the uncle of raja kharak Chand. It is located on top of the hill called Tiun range.

Apart from the sites to visit, the activities to do in Bilaspur are as follows.

water sports- The gobind sagar lake offers the facility of countless water sports activities like water skiing , sailing, water skiing, kayaking, Regattas, motor boat racing and much more in its vast spread.

A range of activities are organized by the department of tourism of Uttaranchal government. Activities like rock climbing, hand gliding, trekking and paragliding.

Fishing, due to the wide variety of fishes available at gobind sagar lake including labeo dero and pitutrata. Fishing is a famous and enjoyable activity among visitors.

 The water sport training centre is also available at upper Nihal area.

 For Bilaspur is naturally blessed with the best setting of paragliding. Bilaspur is known for offering paragliding for as long as 8 hours and has a perfect landing space beside the lake. bandla hills are popular for paragliding.

Shopping in Bilaspur, the colourful little shops of Bilaspur have a unique charm. The  Knick knacks and souvenirs of Bilaspur would complete your trip and also let you have a deeper insight on the traditions and beliefs of natives there. The shoes, bags jewellery, art and craft and much more to explore in the local market of the place.

   Tour to Govind sagar wildlife sanctuary which is situated on the banks of the vast gobind sagar lake. It is home to a large number of species of birds as well as animals and vegetation. taking a tour to this different world would surely be worthwhile if you are a nature lover.

Amusement and water park- The bubble island waterpark stands among the best water parks in the country. The water rides  and activities of the park suits people of all ages. The place is also well known for maintaining the safety along with the fun.

      The game and entertainment centres of Bilaspur is a well-known social hub for the entire family to get together and have some quality time in fun.

Some dishes, popularly made by tribes of the district in special occasions and festivals are as follows. Using this doobraj rice, rice roll, chila, angakar roti, the tri khurmi, delicious petha and such dishes are prepared from this. Rakhia badi is a dish made from fruit called Rakhia. It is cooked to curry with chillies, spices, coriander, ginger and other dry spices. Most of the non-vegetarian dishes like egg, mutton, chicken and other meats are cooked with canola oil and served with roti’s of various flours like wheat, jowar, bajra and rice. The various chaats are prepared with spicy curries with onions, masalas, samosas and kachoris and other snacks.

The culture carnival held in Bilaspur voices the lifestyle along with the art, culture, entertainment and heritage of the city. The famous nalwari fair is four to five days long and the most exciting festival of the state. People enjoy various activities including wrestling and gymnastics, cattle are brought from various neighbouring cities. People from far and wide places come to participate in the enjoyment.

Another special fair is organized in Bilaspur 'the Navratri fair'. It is one of the famous shaktipeeths where limbs of sati are said to be fallen. The fair attracts millions of pilgrims from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi up as well as other parts of country.

Kuluvi folk dances, Birsu-nirshu dance, Lalharhi dance, kahika dance, bandhu dance, horn dance,deo Khel, different kinds of Natti are the dances performed by different sects of the society and reflect the rich culture and heritage of the place. Some dances are performed only on musical instruments and not played digitally. whereas some dances  are performed only on songs and no musical instrument is played.

The local women of the district wear Pattoo, thicker and even heavier than shawls. It is worn over clothes and pinned. Also a piece of cloth is tied around the waist called gachchi. Dhatu is a piece of cloth worn over the head. Pullas are footwear similar to bedroom slippers made of hemp. designed with colourful threads. Women wear light ornaments in their daily life.

The best months to visit Bilaspur is October to march. The temperature and climate during these months are appropriate for sightseeing and indulge in various activities.

The Ruling dynasty in the early days of Bilaspur was Chandeli Rajput’s, who claimed descent from chanderi now in Madhya Pradesh. The town of Bilaspur was founded in 1663. The state had later become the princely state of British India.

The Bollywood/television actress Yami Gautam is from Bilaspur.

People of Bilaspur who are engaged in tourism use and understand Hindi and English. Bilaspur, kahloori language which belongs to western Pahari group of languages, is used by the local people.

Travel tip- A very long stay isn't recommended at Bilaspur as the communal services do not work very well. If possible drinking bottled water, avoiding drinking water at random places are recommended due to high water pollution. The quality of drinking water is moderate.

If you truly love exploring sites of historical significance you are going to enjoy a trip to this place as the district has numerous forts from ruins of the past. You can also get a perfect glimpse of Bilaspur culture through the languages, dresses, music, festivals of Bilaspur.  For a perfect trip a comfortable accommodation is a must. And what if you get an amazing deal on it?? It's deal of the season is already live on Grab your preference at the most reasonable price today cause the best season to travel to Bilaspur is now!!


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