It’s No Shave November

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It’s No Shave November

Those were the days when years were just about celebrating regional or national festivals. Coming together on these days and enjoying it with everyone was the only thing, that simple and sweet get together was only the fun and cheerful part of the days. 

Living in the 21st century, life is all about following the trend and adapting as a part of our life. Each new day starts with a new trend or new invention and people read, hear and learn about it gradually and try to follow it.

One such trend has become a part of our lives since last few years and many of us follow it and even celebrate it like a social festival.
It is No Shave November, month of the year when people don’t cut, trim or shave their beards. 

What is No Shave November?

No Shave November is a month-long journey where men don’t shave their beards to create awareness about Cancer and support the patients who undergo a massive hair loss during the treatment. 

Why be a part of this trend?

Supporting and caring for someone is a good deed. By following this trend, you can make sure that you support every other cancer patient who is going through a tough time and by initiating this small step you are making them happy and bringing a smile on their face is the major motive. 

How to be a part of this trend?

All you need to do is put razors, scissors down and grow out your hair for the whole month. Groom yourself, comb, apply creams or gels and make yourself look good even with large hairs. Avoid going to the salon, cancel your waxing appointments. Let those legs, hands, chin get covered with natural growth. Use your savings to donate to an NGO or hospital that are in need of it for the treatment.

Be a part of this unique yet beautiful initiative and make yourself happy yet groomed with your extra hairs by going No Shave this November.

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