Know-How Travel Startups has Managed to Deal With Pandemic

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Currently, the coronavirus pandemic outbreak has a significant impact on people's social and economic lifestyles. It has brought down the economy of each nation and affected all businesses and companies. However, travel startups have faced significant drawbacks at this time. There has been a massive drop in the flight, hotel bookings, and cab bookings. With the COVID-19 outbreak, around 100 millions of travel jobs are facing a huge problem. The growth in the tourism industry of the past seven years has been lost in one month. 

Travel and tourism startups have earned maximum to date until lockdown. Airline industries will lose $252 million this time.
It is so 90% of the world's population has to sit indoors because of moving restrictions in their country. In the past month, not even a total of 100,000 people used air transport. So, there is no chance that people will go for a holiday this pandemic time. So, travel startups need to take proper steps for managing their work. 

However,, a hotel booking startup is managing to deal with the pandemic time and run their business. My Travaly has followed various techniques to lead in this pandemic time. It is not leaving any stone unturned for this lousy condition to find the best way to run. 

  • Cut down to non-essential costs. 

My Travaly is planning to give a massive discount to its visitors and has designed to cut down unessential costs for their regular visitors. They take the best care for the customers to the hotel. This travel startup has even assured the customers for a safe stay in a proper hygienic manner. They are trying to provide every reason for their customers to visit the hotel. No one is looking for every facility but for an excellent tour to make their experience memorable. Why add on non-essential costs to their pockets in this pandemic. 

  • Effective Digital Marketing 

Due to this pandemic time, around 90% of the people are available on social media every time. They spend at least 7 hours a day on the social media platform to look at various posts. So, this startup has planned to improve their digital marketing strategies for better promotion of their hotel and attract more and more people. Generally, people are even fed up sitting home. They must be looking for the best hotels, tourist places, and tourism packages after the conditions turn normal. This travel startup has been adopting to promote their travel packages for hotel booking at low prices. 

  • Focusing on existing customers

Many customers generally visit MyTravaly for different packages, and My Travaly keeps a record for them. And it's time for the startup to look after their regular customers and take special care of them. MyTravaly has partnered up with its hotels to assure a safe and secure stay for their customers. It has also built up a set of rules that the hotels must abide by as long as the member plans on staying.

  • Partner up

My Travaly has planned to build a good partnership with the customers. Now there is no other way to market a service other than this. They have been finding out the potential customers who can visit them after you cut down the booking cost. Then it becomes easy for them to plan a visit through the best hotel booking services with the startup. 

  • They are transparent

My Travaly startup is very open to its clients, investors, and employees. They have been showing the real impacts they have faced in their business. And now everyone is aware of what a can offer them. It's time to move ahead instead of stepping back. Be sure that none of the startups get too late to build up the best communication with their customers. There is nothing to hide now and be honest with customers for high visibility. My Travaly has planned the best way to handle up their customers in this pandemic time. 

  • Final verdict

There is a big road to cover still to pass this pandemic time. So, it's better hotels should turn on their different strategies to recover from this economic problem. It is better to start hotels from the day itself but with better options for the visitors so that they feel attracted. It is like a journey of miles to cover long distances. Try to provide a positive experience to your customers, which they will always remember until the end. The hotel management team should plan to overcome the crisis with the best survival strategies, which must be cost-cutting and orderliness. Everyone has been facing the same drop in the economy. But it is up to you how you get it. 

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