MyTravaly's Hotelier Interview Series-Nami homes in Patna Bihar

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MyTravaly's Hotelier Interview Series-Nami homes in Patna Bihar

Mr. Vijay Kumar the owner of hotel Nami homes in Patna Bihar talks about the training of staff to make their customers feel satisfied and remain loyal, the unique homely experience that the hotel offers. It is located at less than 1 km distance from the airport and generally hosts foreign guests at maximum and also regulates schools, some more hotel properties, coachings, distributorship services which have given them quite insights of a business which he has shared with us. 

As a owner, what are your day-to-day work or responsibilities? 

ans -  My day to day responsibilities include attending and checking with the daily accomplishments of tasks of 3-4 managers that I have appointed over the executives, who have their own responsibilities and have to report to the managers regarding the requirements, special requests, operational and other services related to hospitality, also the training of the staffs of different hierarchy and their performance monitorings and such tasks are handled by me on daily and weekly basis as per requirements. 

2. How does training of staff happen, and what do you do to bring the best in your employees so that they provide good customer service? 

ans- We have this special strategy to get our staffs well prepared of all types of customers and deal with pathetic of situations at hospitality, we organize a mock drill for every staffs and make them deal with role-model-guests who are supposed to create every kind of nuisance they could create and the staff would be trained to deal with it and therefore when the time comes to deal with real customers they absolutely never feel any difficulty that way, maybe some extraordinary situations but normally they're trained to provide an excellent service through regular practice and expect the same for future.  

3. How does your hotel encourage trust and loyalty amongst customers?

ans- To encourage trust and loyalty among customers we always try to maintain and enhace our relationship with our existing customer and focus more on retaining them than investing and approaching new once in addition to that we offer 10% discount for the next visit even if the person has visited once and during prime season when the occupancy is running high we prioritize our previous customers upon the new once if moment of choice arrives.   

4. Tell us something about your long term goals for the hotel and how do you plan to achieve them?

ans-Regarding our long term goals we have planned a massive expansion of our current properties somewhere around 5000 rooms in patna itself though we are little far from the score, we've targeted to achieve it by 2022 and dedicatedly working towards it and hope the best in comming future.        

5. What is success for a hotelier, according to you?

ans-- According to me the success of a hotelier is undoubtedly the satisfaction of it's customers but I also believe that finances play a major role into the system and everyone is here to make something therefore higher profits and sales is also something that adds to the success. 

We practice tie ups with the public vehicles like auto and ola, provide them commision to bring the guests to us which help both of earn profit and therefore satisfactorily sustain into the industry with similar strategies which the current business demands and contribute to the success of the business.

6. Something that is unique to your hotel and has given you any kind of advantage in this industry overtime?

ans- As our names suggest i.e "nami homes", and accordingly we strive to provide an experience similar to home, away from home. we try to maintain the standards and service that is better than home or at least equal to it but not entertain anything below it and this is also something that our guests love about our service so it has definitely helped us attain some preference over other providers overtime. 

7. How does the quality of leadership effect the role of a person at your position?

ans- I think leadership plays a vital role in every field and likewise in hospitality also, hospitality demands a leader who can genuinely establish trust with customers, drive away any sort of confusion and encourage loyalty among customers by bringing out the right team work and best in their employees and also support them actively in the moment of need.     

8. What was the impact of the pandemic on your hotel? 

ans- We weren't much affected by pandemic, due to hotel being located near the airport we were approached for making arrangements and providing service and availability for the administrative officials who who were out for their urgent duties related to the pandemic itself and in the course we also earned because our occupancies went full and so the pandemic couldn't do much harm to us with regard to business.

10. Can you share a positive and negative overwhelming experience with your customers?

ans- I mostly have pleasant experiences with guests who are amicable and optimistic, do not negotiate or bother much about each and every thing right from service to food, they have a budget and fit in according to it, pay bills and cheerfully check out but we also face 20-30% of the other types whom we tend to not think about much and just focus on delivering our best.    

11. How has your experience been with MyTravaly so far? The staff, the services, etc?

ans-The experience till now has been smooth, the service has been satisfactory and we hope that MyTravaly will promote and feature more and more of our hotel then we'd definitely receive bookings because when we work hard we definitely get the results, with that belief we hope the best of our collaboration for future. 

12. What would be your message to travellers for rescuing the hospitality industry?

ans-We believe the guests are equivalent to god (atithi  devo bhava) and try to treat them accordingly through every possible means, we take every effort to make them feel special, satisfied and an try to provide an  experience close to the king and so we also expect a similar reciprocation from their end which would be quite satisfying for us too.

That's all, it was the interview with Mr. Vijay Kumar. works closely with its hotel partners and bring out the real experiences to learn form the industry leaders. Nami Homes have 5 type of rooms in which one is "Cool Eco Room" that will cost you Rs. 750/- a night. Please check out their other comfortable rooms, click here.

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