Places to visit during Halloween

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The official season of travelling has begun not only in India but all around the world. As the effect of the pandemic is getting weaker people have once again started to travel and explore the places once again. During this travel season lots of things keep happening around the world such as festivals, events, exhibitions, competitions and much more. 

Festival tourism is a new trend that is emerging all around the world. One such festival which has gained popularity since last few years is Halloween and people have started during these times to celebrate the horror and spooky days.
Along with this many destinations have also emerged as Halloween special hence this is the latest trend of tourism. 

Here are the top 4 places to visit during Halloween

New York 

One of the busiest and the most beautiful city on earth celebrates Halloween with lots of pomp and shows. The city comes alive with lots of party spots organized at different corners of the city. People get themselves dressed and visit the grand parties with their groups, all these parties are based on a particular theme. Hence do not forget to shop well in advance.


In Mexico, this festival is celebrated in form of the Day of Dead on 2nd November. It is the belief that on these days the spirits return together to their loved ones and spend time together. The festival takes place in days starting from 31st October, lots of celebrations take place during this period. Somewhere you will find people having a theme party, people organizing a prayer session, night carnivals take place where people explore it the entire night by eating or shopping.


Halloween is all about the celebration of dark odds and Dublin is the best city to celebrate it. Tradition often includes horror storytelling, bonfire, eating Halloween special foods and dressing up in horror themes. Ireland’s Derry City hosts the biggest Halloween party in entire Europe. Visit Dublin to experience this biggest celebration.


London the capital of England, and is filled with lots of haunted castles and streets. With various dark buildings and architecture, people prefer London as go to destination for enjoying Halloween. The key event of the city is the London Dungeon which involves ancient horror stories and is considered as the main attraction of the event.


In Italy, All Saints Day is another name for Halloween. It is one of the important and the most vibrant festival of the year, people wait for it and starts it preparation well in advance i.e. 2 to 3 months prior from the actual day. People dressed themselves a spooky and visit various haunted islands around. The place is full of horror and is the most recommended place to visit during this festival.

Plan your Halloween trips at these places and enjoy the universal festival of darkness.

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