Taste the delectable food in Kovalam

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Taste the delectable food in Kovalam

Conveying a great field of coconut trees, Kovalam beach town is a famous tourist destination in the state of Kerala. The town is located in the Thrivanthapuram district.

The town is known for its beauty and heavenly serenity. This town is one of the most visited places in God's Own Country. Situated in the southern part of Kerala, Kovalam has created its presence fingered on the worldwide tourist map.

The privy coves, sun-kissed beaches and the coastal town of Kovalam enliven with its freshening up nature and pristine atmosphere. Town offers the best facilities to its beach lovers like swimming, Ayurvedic Massages, sunbathing and many other options.

Visting this coastal town will make you believe that life in and around the beaches is always relaxing and relaxes your mind while you spend some leisure time with yourself

Popular street food in Kovalam is a treat for both vegetarian and seafood lovers. Town offers a wide range of South Indian food and Indian version of European dishes.

Kovalam is a tropical paradise with a foodie's heaven. Kovalam's gastronomy is as diverse and colourful as Kerala's culture. Undertake this food journey and get the opportunity of tasting some of the traditional authentic street food of this town

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Here’s a list of famous street dishes waiting for your visit!


Puttu is a healthy steamed dish made up of rice flour and layered with coconut. It is considered as an authentic and healthy breakfast. This soft and light food item is mostly consumed with kadala curry or red banana chips, making it the appetizing choice for breakfast.

Kerala Appam 

One of the well-known and favourite street foods you will find here. Appam is a popular dish in Kerala prepared with fermented rice and coconut pulp dough. This dish is eaten with stew, chicken or other meat dishes.


Kappa is a healthy packed food that will spruce up your taste. Kappa is a spicy dish packed with rice proteins or vitamins. Kappa is a rich herb food and specialty of this delicacy is that it is served with fish curry.


To all the fish lovers, don’t leave Kovalam without visiting Karimeen. It is served with local fish which considered the best combination you can try while travelling. Local fish is found in the backwater of Kerala and is prepared in different ways for a range of exotic dishes.

South Indian Plate

While you visit in Kerala trying the authentic south Indian plate is a must. The speciality of this is that food. It is served on banana leaves and it is considered a typical South Indian plate comprised of chappati, rice, vegetable curry, curd and desert. 

This South Indian plate comes in different styles and is a portion of common street food in Kovalam.

After enjoying street food, these are some well-known places for eating in Kovalam that you must visit during your stay:

German Bakery and Waves Restaurant

Situated at lighthouse beach, the restaurant offers famous Asian and Continental cuisines along with bakery products. The restaurant is also known for its seafood preparation and a range of vegetarian dishes making it an ideal spot for foodies in Kovalam.


It is an authentic vegetarian restaurant that offers vegetarian thali with the traditional cuisine of the state. Located slightly away from lighthouse beach, this restaurant has a traditional sitting style and is considered as easy on pocket food spot.

Malabar Cafe

The cafe is a complete treat to seafood lovers and offers some of the best seafood dishes in Kovalam. Their seafood varies from Promfert, sea salmon, red or white snapper fish along  crab and lobster dishes. This cafe is a delight for vegetarians too as they offer mouth-watering pasta and curries.

Swiss Cafe

For all the Swiss foodies, this cafe is a treat for you. Located on the beachfront of lighthouse beach in Kovalam, it serves famous swiss dishes right from Rosti (made of grated potatoes), the Zurich schnitzel (made of chopped chicken) and a wide variety of Swiss-made pizzas.

Visting this cafe in the evening can offer you some beautiful sunset scenery along with good food.

Devi Garden Restaurant 

 If you are missing home-cooked meal, then visiting Devi Garden Restaurant can satisfy your craving. This family-run restaurant serves fresh Indian food and is budget-friendly.

Foodie visiting Kovalam can treat themselves with their endless food craving and enjoy themselves by trying some of the famous and traditional dishes of this beach town

Visiting the little beach town near the Arabian Sea, can give you some reality check about the life spend in and around the beach city. 2-3 days tour to Kovalam is enough for you to immerse yourself in the lively culture of this place.

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