Three months internship at MyTravaly changed my life.

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Three months internship at MyTravaly changed my life.

The beginning is always the hardest and so was it, my first call to the hotelier;
me: unconfident and nervous,
he: rude and uninterested,

I didn't know from where to begin though I explained and he refused right away on my face. I felt bad and rejected, thought to myself, "is this what is going to happen with me all along??".
The answer was certainly a  'no' of which little did I myself knew.
Yet I carried on without expecting much, continued  calling them one by one and hurray! onboarded my 1st one within 4-5 days, well that was a moment full of excitement,rush also little scary for what if something went wrong?

Moving forward, lately when I had just started improving and enjoying with my duty I was trusted upon a greater responsibility.
One fine day within fifteen days of my joining, Hamlet, our CEO  provided me the access to our admin panel and said, "you've become a part of us and I think can  become a good team leader" these words came to me as a rush of excitement while I was still new but that day felt a little more responsible than before and then there was no going back.

Now the twist was the diverse background, culture, language, routine of my team members between which I had to learn to strike the right balance to yield results, which I eventually did. 

Here's what I  tried  to do after witnessing a little drop in their performances; called them and   addressed each one of their problems and productivity personally as Hamlet does, helped them set their own pitch, gave them targets and they were all set to go!

Not that the struggle ended there, it had just begun but I had everyone's support, I had the priviledge to be looked upon for any query, clarification or any kind of issue along with my own duties, keeping track of my team members performances also to meet the expectations for which I was helped in learning, organizing and improving upon myself with time.

Well In the course, I eventually found out that I could now more smoothly deal with people from places, understand and address their concerns better, drastically improved upon decision making and other soft skills, easily communicate with people from Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, Assam and so on which I think was reward of the patience and effort that me, my team members and the company had put in reaching where we were.

However the credit isn't upon me  cause the refinement also depends upon the work environment that we share and the people we work around, the bond that we as colleagues share at MyTravaly is rare, we are more like family and friends than colleagues I would say, through the culture and environment set up at this place we feel that we know each other since ages and  have each other's back at all trying  times, we are all frank and collaborate effortlessly among ourselves. I feel MyTravaly is thoughtful of its employees and therefore entertains fixed working hours cause as we devote our five days to work, we are  also given  two days to relax and enjoy in return,  along with flexible work load, which helps us manage our work-life balance  and sets its environment blooming for today's fast pacing generation!
The other source of motivation into this worthwhile journey has been our CEO himself who is available all time on just a single dial away to deal with any  trouble that we could face at work.

Though I never felt of him as our boss or rather he never made us feel so since day one, but the leadership skills which I boast today is directly inspired by him  and adapted after closely observing how he addresses every needs and doubts patiently, bears every responsibility and makes me understand simple stuff and their handling meticulously. Constantly motivates and appreciates upon our every endeavour, makes us aware about  various  things and the way he enlightens us  upon solving toughest of problems and most importantly helps all of us resonate  and syncronize at our work. I have come a long way pushing my limits and following his footsteps in these three month's journey  at Mytravaly.

  I learned about Brainstorming the innovative strategies to make them understand about our services, establishing trust and bond merely over a phone call in such a manner that the person recognises instantly,  building such an influence that the hotelier even helped me secretly reach their owners while some are still convincing which is  milestone of my  improvement and trust that I could successfully evoke in them counts as an achievement for me as in position which I hold today  and expect to even improve upon this  and take MyTravaly to a different level of which I was dreaming since I had joined and today I think I am ready with the required skill sets that I possess due this excellent three months grooming and learning at this place.
Following is what I learned in this short journey as a business development intern.
You need few but strong  skills, Communication is important along with you need to be a good listener in order to understand and accordingly deliver, presence of mind and common sense is something you'll need to tackle  most of the unexpected and unavoidable thousands of questions that you'll come across each day and  most important is the clarity of the service,  which you are gonna talk about, the rest depends upon your own efforts  that you put in learning and  grasping through the responsibilities given to you.

It was a worthwhile experience full of learning and challenges of three months which would always remain an important phase of my life for which I shall remain obliged to Hamlet for placing his trust upon me and also promise to try my level best to prove upon the opportunity provided to me by all means and my sincere gratitude to all my colleagues and leader who have helped me become capable of the position which I hold today and even strive for better in the coming years, I'm excited about this new venture and want to begin with this at the earliest and look forward to everyone's support and best wishes  and also wish them luck at whatever they aim.

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