Top 6 places to visit in Amritsar for food

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Top 6 places to visit in Amritsar for food

The Golden City of Amritsar has food rich in culture and heritage. The taste of desi ghee makes the cuisine more delicious. It is a city that is home to bonafide food and is famous for its style of greeting and friendliness. Food acquires the rich taste that the religion in Amritsar has. It is home to many remarkable dishes such as Kulchas, jalebi, lassi and langars prasad.

The Traditional style of food preparation makes its taste so genuine and unique. Now let’s talk about different places and cuisines to try, when on an Amritsar trip.

Langar Prasad

Golden Temple is the biggest attraction in Amritsar and people mostly visit it for the huge Langar. They serve dal, roti and kheer to such a huge portion of people, the taste has seen no change from when they had started serving millions of people. 

The free meal is offered daily and people travel from distanced places just to get the taste and the experience of it. Also, leave the temple with Kara Prasad in your hands and offer your prayers to this beautiful temple.

Kulcha Land

Amritsari Kulchasare the perfect choice of breakfast. Such tasty baked bread stuffed with potato/paneer/cottage cheese is a treat for every visitor. These crispy kulchas are baked in tandoor and are served with choley and chutney. 

Kulcha Land, a place in Amritsar has the best kulchas in the city, they have been serving before the partition and have been making fresh kulchas for four generations. The cost of the kulcha is barely Rs. 40-100 per piece. Having lassi with choley-kulche makes the taste even better.

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Pal Da Dhaba

Situated near the Hathi Gate, Pal Da Dhaba is a small dhaba that services its customer’s quality food. Known for its Kharode ka Shorba(lamb’s trotter’s soup), Pal Da Dhaba is a great place to add to your visit list.

They offer this dish with kheema parathas, baked with love and have the softest crust. Most of the people still believe to eat from Dhabas and not cafes and restaurants because Dhaba’s have the most authentic food.

Friends Dhaba

Situated at Queens Road, Friends Dhaba is a place where you find meatier kulchas and other curvy food. You should rush towards the friends dhaba if you are found of meatier kulchas and Kheema Naan. They serve Kheema Naan with gravy topped with butter and desi ghee. These Flavoursome kulchas are crispy and are very spicy. The pure taste of Punjabi cuisine is found in these kulchas and naans. 

Beera Chicken House

Known for its Tandoori chicken, Beera Chicken House located at Majitha Road is a great place to visit for having meat. Chicken immersed in red spices, roasted just as perfectly it could be. They have been serving the tastiest fish tikkas and tandoori chickens around the city. 

Surjit Food Plaza

There is a boss place for every type of cuisine in Amritsar, so we decided to mention each and every one for you. Surjit Food Plaza has been serving the crunchiest kebabs for over seventy years. Shammi Kebab and Mutton Tikka are also very enjoyable and the thing that makes them unique is the way they are cooked and marinated in spicy masalas.

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Having the most religious and auspicious food from the Indian streets is a delicacy and when it comes to Amritsar, you should never miss it. Visit with a bulk of friends and witness a variety of tastes here. 

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