Traveling for healthy living

MyTravaly_Logo  Mathew Pakkath 01 Aug, 2020 5 mins read 246
Traveling for healthy living

The world we live in today is filled with hectic schedules, unending deadlines, and unfulfilling jobs. Such a lifestyle will eventually lead to a sense of emptiness to possibly a midlife crisis and nervous breakdowns. I should know, because that is the kind of life I lead not too long ago, from working countless hours and living life to just make it to the weekend. Therefore, we at MyTravaly recommend you use traveling as a means of rejuvenating your body, spirit, and soul for a holistic experience.

Traveling is one of the most freeing experiences, where we are not held back by our responsibilities.
Instead, it is a time we take out to reconnect with nature, appreciate different cultures, and look at life with a new perspective. Now, why is this healthy? Studies show people who don’t travel at least once a year have a shorter lifespan than those who travel more frequently. This is often attributed to a mental burnout caused by the strenuous life we lead, as mentioned earlier. But traveling isn’t just temporarily relocating yourself for a weekend where you lay on a beach and browse through your phone, there’s so much more. To lead a healthy lifestyle powered by traveling, one must take at least 2 vacations every year, which lasts for a week or 2 with a few smaller trips during long weekends or festive seasons. But how is taking a vacation making you healthier? Keeping away from the ever-pressuring life will give you an opportunity to move your burdens aside. This will give your mind the time it needs to relieve built-up tensions and focus on more peaceful activities such as yoga and meditation or exhilarating events such as river rafting or sky diving. Such activities will help our mind overcome the monotonous life we may have been leading with something utterly different. By reducing our interaction with technology, we are also reducing the radioactivity taking place around us. Reduced screen time also puts lesser stress on our eyes and therefore, enables a deeper peace of mind. Our body gets accustomed to sitting around a desk all day long. It becomes unhealthy, especially when we don’t mind our posture. Travelling also includes activities where one exerts themselves through activities such as camping, trekking, swimming, or if nothing else, even as simple as walking through multiple airports and sight-seeing stops during your trip. Such activities will help change those routines and help us get healthier.

This is especially beneficial if we ensure to take a vacation that is 2 weeks long. Having tried out a refreshing lifestyle and seeing its advantages, we might be keen on adopting it in our routine lives as well. There are those among us who use traveling as an opportunity to meet up with old friends or family members on a trip. This is also a very healthy way of refreshing yourself as you would have an opportunity to connect with your friends who may have known you at a different phase of life or your family with whom you have not been able to spend as much time as you used to. Such an experience will give you an opportunity to evaluate your growth as well as see where you may have deterred from your path and try to be better. Sharing joyous memories with them can also help in refreshing your mind. Spiritual trips are another way of leading a healthy life. Letting go of your worries and trying to find meaning in life, nature, and God will help rejuvenate your soul and perhaps make an immense change to your lifestyle and career choices, perhaps giving you the push, you always needed. Therefore, with all its benefits, traveling is indeed a satisfying way of leading a healthy lifestyle, however, you may choose to lead it. So, be sure to make time for traveling as often as you can instead of sitting at home and spending those long weekends. The world is full of wonder and it is waiting for you to go out there and experience it.

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