Visit Ramanagara Hills Far From Bangalore for Amazing Next Weekend

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Under this week of Travel from Home series, we present you the perfect weekend gateway that soothes you and gives you the much-needed break from your work life.

“Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday”

Ramanagar Hills offers a perfect combination of peace and adventure to its visitors. People started recognizing these hills after watching stunning shots in Sholay movie. There are various adventurous activities in Ramanagara Hills. You can have the best experience of rock climbing and trekking at night. This place is perfect when you want to spend a quality weekend gateway from Bangalore.
Ramanagara Hills will surprise you with amazing tourist spots as Janapada Loka. Thus, stop thinking about the lazy weekend. Instead, start planning for watching gaping stars in these hills. For having the perfect adventure of this place, you should visit the silk cocoon market.

Must View These Places in Ramanagara Hills

There are various things to see in Ramanagara hills for having the best memories. Spend the whole weekend in these hills with proper spot planning. Check the three-holiday planning here:

  • Day one of visit

Start with perfect Bangalore weekend gateway planning with Sholay shooting hilltop. This spot has remained hidden for a long time. Then it gained popularity after the release of the Sholay movie in the late '70s.

Time of Visit: You can visit from 9 am to 5 pm.

You need to pay: There is no cost limit.

Next, you should visit the silk cocoon market for watching the hardship of the workers. Ramanagara Hills produce the best silk cocoon in the world. You can learn important facts about the silk market. You can also have experience of traditional silk artwork shopping in this market.

Time of Visit: You can visit for 24 hours. 

Cost: No cost

  • Day two of visit

Day two starts with full adventure and fun with camping activities. Spend time with your family by trekking, ladder climbing, and boat rowing. Ramanagar Hill also provides experience in rain dance and communication games. These are the best places to visit near Bangalore, which offers more adventure.

Time of Visit: Camping is open for 24 hours.

You need to pay: The price of activities starts from 1350 rupees.

  • Day three of visit

For having a perfect third day, you should visit Ramadevara Betta Hills. Ramadevara Betta Hills offers a fantastic view of the atmosphere above 3000 feet. You can make Bangalore trips awesome by planning a soulful escape in this hill. The spot gives a beautiful experience of extinct birds in the early morning. You can nurture your trip with memories of bulbuls, eagles, and bears.

Time of Visit: Visit starts from 9 am and ends at 5 pm.

You need to pay: No cost for visiting.

How to Reach Ramanagara Hills

To reach Ramanagara Hills, you need to travel through road, rail, or air transports. The nearby station of the Ramanagar Hills lies in Bangalore. Thus, the journey to these hills starts from places near Bangalore. Check some of the possible traveling ways here:

  • Road traveling: You need to start from the south-west side of Bangalore. Ramanagar hills are fifty kilometers away from Bangalore. The six-lane expressway makes it very easy to reach the hills.
  • Rail traveling: The Railway has spread the network from the south side to the Ramanagar hills. Railways make a comfortable connection between Bangalore and Mysore with these hills.
  • Air traveling: The air traveling starts from the international airport of Bangalore. It takes an exact two hours to reach the hills from Bangalore.

Perfect time to visit Ramanagara Hills

The atmospheric conditions of Ramanagara Hills remain favorable for the entire year. September, October, November, and December months contain the ultimate cold and wavy weather. You can have the fun of rock climbing and trekking activity during these four months. Yet, there is no time limit when you are searching for silk trading information.

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