Waterparks To Visit in Bangalore this Summer

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Waterparks To Visit in Bangalore this Summer

As summer arrives with its unbearably hot weather, head to Bangalore's water parks to beat the heat. With its varied entertainment establishments, India's Silicon Valley provides its citizens with a respite after a long week at work.

Bangalore's water parks provide a variety of exciting water rides that are suitable for both children and adults. The exhilarating attractions such as Aqua Tornado, Cyclone, Devil's Drop, and water slides will put you in a euphoric state, whereas calm rides such as pedal boats and pleasure boats are ideal for resting with family and preparing for the busy months ahead.

Here are some thrilling water parks of Bangalore!


Wonderla Bangalore offers more than just thrilling water rides; it also has an attached amusement park where you can enjoy games and rides without getting soaked. Wonderla is one of Bangalore's largest, loudest, and craziest water parks, with over sixty amazing water rides including Jungle Lagoon, Boomerang, Harakiri, Wave pools, and many more.

This Park offers family-friendly rides such as a magic mushroom, miniature Venice, and a jumping frog, as well as high-adrenaline rides such as Equinox, Hurricane, Y-Scream, and Drop Zone for thrill-seekers. The fun never stops at Wonderla Bangalore. It also offers a dining area, and you can try virtual reality with its cutting-edge technology.

Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens is another favourite water park in Bangalore. Lumbini Gardens is a public park nestled among serene nature on the banks of Nagawara Lake. The Park features a lakefront sitting area, pedal boating in the lake, safe rides for youngsters, and other entertaining rides in the amusement park that runs for 1.5 km around the lake.

Lumbini Garden's wave pool features various thrilling water rides. It includes a beautifully decorated floating restaurant that serves both North and South Indian cuisine.

Fun World and Water World Amusement Park

This Park combines a theme park and a water park into one large park. It is also one of Bangalore's oldest entertainment venues, has entertained the city's thrill-seeking people for many years. The park's exciting rides include the Fun Express and the Hang Glider, which will take you to a height of 50 feet.

Devil's Drop and Boomerang are two water coasters that will send shivers down your spine. Visitors must be dressed appropriately in swimwear to enjoy the water rides.

Neeladri Amusement and Water Parks

Neeladri Park is 19 km from Bangalore city and has 8 water park rides and 45 amusement park rides. The Park is 30 acres in size and features slides, splash pools, and boat rides. Formula 2, Family Slide, Zyclone, Guided Cars, and many other exciting rides are available.

The wave pool and lazy river are ideal for weekend excursions with the family. Separate video game zones, cafés, and ice cream parlours are also available. There are locker rooms, changing rooms, and a game arcade, among other amenities, that make this park a favourite for adults and children alike.

Cyclone Ride Water World

Water World is one of Bangalore's oldest water parks, with 15 exciting attractions to pick from. The rides in the aquatic world could be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. A children's zone is available, where they can enjoy entertaining rides in a safe setting.

The Fantastic Four, Boomerang, and Hurricane will give you a surge of adrenaline if you're looking for a thrill. Sliding down the loops of a cyclone ride will have you shout with delight as you anticipate splashing into the water. The Water World's Lazy River is ideal for a relaxing late morning or early afternoon. To enjoy the water rides, you must wear a good swimsuit.

Greenland Water Park

Greenland Amusements is one of the best water parks in Bangalore. This attraction is a blend of a water park and an amusement park that adds to the city's appeal. The rides at the water park are ideal for an adventure-seeking group of friends, whereas the amusement parks are ideal for a family excursion.

The recently added water coasters and slides are enjoyable to ride. The amusement park's land rides are ideal for children, while the high rides are ideal for a group of adults who do not want to get wet but still want to experience an adrenaline rush.

Innovative Film City - Aqua Kingdom Water Park

This Park, located in Film City, comprises reality TV sets, a wave pool, and a sandy beach. This water park, one of the largest and most popular in Bangalore, features various water coasters and water slides that will leave you comfortable and delighted.

The large pool surrounded by palm trees enhances the relaxing atmosphere. The rain dancing area, in-house DJ, and children's safety rides are all extras. After you've had your fill of the water rides, you can go for a walk, visit museums, dinosaur parks, haunted homes, play mini-golfs, or participate in other adventure sports.

GRS Fantasy Park

located in Mysore and it is an award-winning theme park. This fantasy park spans 40 acres of land, features kid rides, family rides, and thrill rides. The caterpillar, tiny aqua bowl, baby train, and aqua trail are among the most popular kid rides.

The children's play area is a large grassy playground with several interesting statues dotted about it. Swing chair, float slide, catapult, Red Indian waterfall, Wave Pool, and other family rides are available. Aqua racer, pendulum slide, wavy crazy cruise, and dragon's den are some of the most popular thrill rides.

Most Bangalore water parks also offer restaurants and cafeterias where you can relax and dine on their delectable meal. You can dance to the beats of DJs spinning records under the water or under fake rain. You could also enjoy a leisurely swim in the swimming pools, which have all of the amenities to compete with top-rated water parks across the world.

Above is a list of some of the top water parks in Bangalore where you can make memories in the blistering heat of summer and the breezy spring months. Book your stay with MyTravaly. For more amazing content, follow us on Instagram.

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